Foam Wash Car Shampoo Concentrate 20 Litre
Specially Formulated Shampoo to be used for Touch-less Foam Wash Wavex Foam Blaster is heavy duty, highly concentrated, uniquely formulated car foam wash car shampoo. It is used with foam canon in ratio 1:9. Its powerful hyper surfactants cut through...
Rs. 6,396.00 Rs. 5,149.00
Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Plus Protectant 20Kg
Wavex dashboard and leather conditioner plus protectant is a multi-surface shield for your vehicle's interior. It maintains the supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber while blocking out harmful UV rays. Treated surfaces resist fading, drying and cracking...
Rs. 7,863.00 Rs. 6,522.00
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