Tyre Polish Super Black Shine, Tyre Polish Spray
WaveX Tyre Guard car tyre polish is a solvent-based car tyre polish spray dressing which imparts a high gloss and durable finish. This car tyre polish spray can be used to protect and dress all tires, exterior vinyl, leather or...
Rs. 472.00 from Rs. 370.00
Dashboard Shiner Car Dashboard Polish
Wavex Dashboard Shiner car dashboard polish leaves your vehicle’s interiors looking the way the manufacturer made it. This car dashboard polish's pH-balanced formula is packed with naturally-derived emollients that protect against UV rays and prevent your dash from cracking over...
Rs. 610.00 from Rs. 354.00
Silicone Glaze Car Polish Concentrate
Silicone glaze is all- in- one universal polish, polishes anything, super high shine, extra heavy duty. Best for plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Usage instructions: For High Gloss Shine Dilute 1:1, For Medium Gloss Dilute 2:1, For Satin Finish...
Rs. 370.00 from Rs. 346.00
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