All Wheel And Tyre Cleaner Concentrate Dilutes 15 times with water- Tyre, Rims and Wheel Cleaner For All Cars and Bikes
Highlights • pH balanced cleaner that cleans both wheels and tyres of cars and motorcycles effectively. • Seamlessly removes brake dust, tyre browning, grime, grease and dirt from tyres and rims. • Acid free formulation. Safe to use on all tyres, rims and...
Rs. 550.00 from Rs. 414.00
Iron Remover- Iron Remover For Car That Removes Iron And Fallout From Exterior Car and Bike Surfaces
Highlights: • Powerful and supper effective auto detailing product that decontaminates vehicle surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits. • Can be used on multiple surfaces such as wheels and clear coated paints for removing ferrous brake and rail dust. • Changes colour as...
Rs. 550.00 from Rs. 414.00
Bug and Tar Remover- Removes Bugs, Tar and Insect residues Without damaging The Paint- Clears Above Surface Defects Easily
Highlights: • WaveX Bug and Tar Remover for effectively cleaning and removing bug splatter, tar, sap, grease and asphalt off of vehicle surfaces. • Ready to use formulation. Doesn’t require dilution. Simply spray on vehicle surface, agitate surface with microfiber cloth and...
Rs. 519.00 from Rs. 391.00
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