Foam Cannon 3.0 for pressure washer
Paving the way for revolution in the auto detailing and car washing industry, WaveX Auto Care proudly presents the WaveX Foam Cannon 3.0. For the very first time in the global auto care, auto detailing and car washing industry, do...
Rs. 5,999.00 Rs. 3,540.00
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Foam Pro 2.0 Foaming Pump Sprayer - Pressure Foam Sprayer for Car Cleaning Car Wash Car Detailing
Are you tired of all the time and effort that it takes to clean/ detail your cars and bikes by having to constantly spray or dispense auto care liquids/ chemicals using a spray trigger pump? Or are you one of...
Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 1,415.00
Foam Cannon for pressure washer + Foam Wash Car Shampoo Concentrate 5Ltr pH Neutral, Extreme Suds Snow White Foam, Highly Effective on Dust and Grime
Sometimes, a normal bucket wash is just not enough to clean your vehicle. Sure, you can do a good job, but there are certain spots in your cars or bikes that are time-consuming, difficult and sometimes, even frustrating to clean....
Rs. 7,997.00 Rs. 4,735.00
Brass Pressure Washer Gun Adapter to 1/4" Quick Connect Fitting
To connect Wavex Foam Lance 1/4" Quick Connect with your pressure washer Includes connector, pipe and quick disconnect
Rs. 899.00 from Rs. 809.00
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