Ceramic Coatings

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Are you a professional who's looking to purchase and use the best ceramic coatings in the market for your client's cars and bikes? Look no further as you've arrived at the right section! WaveX Auto Care is proud to be the No.1 manufacturer of ceramic coatings in India.

WaveX Auto Care are proud to manufacture its own range of pre ceramic coatings products, >10H Graphene Ceramic Coatings, 9H Quartz + SiO2 Ceramic Coatings and post ceramic coating maintenance products. The products have been explained at greater lengths below. 

What is Ceramic Coating?


Recently, the term ceramic coatings have been gaining a lot of popularity in the auto detailing scene. Vehicle owners are now constantly searching for the best options available in ceramic coatings for their vehicles but the real question that arises is- what is ceramic coating?


Besides being called ceramic coatings, they are also known by several other names such as glass coatings, nano coatings, silica coatings, hydrophobic coatings etc. Ceramic coating are basically a semi-permanent, non-metallic, inorganic and protective clear coating for vehicles that can be applied to various vehicle components. Besides being used on glossy painted cars and bikes, ceramic coatings can also be used in various industries such as marine and architecture. The reason for its immense popularity is due to its extremely high gloss, scratch/ swirl preventions, easy to clean/ maintain properties and protection against adverse weather conditions.


Ceramic coating are primarily made up of three components:

  • Resin (polymeric material that build-up the backbone of coating)
  • Solvents
  • Additives.


Ceramic coatings are combinations of scientifically advanced polymers and silicone dioxides. Ceramic coatings form a tough, durable, high gloss armor for vehicle’s exterior surfaces.  Ceramic coatings prevent UV damage, scratches, swirl marks, discolouration etc. on vehicle clear coats furthermore, it forms a superior hydrophobic coating on the vehicle’s exterior surfaces which prevents rusting and corrosion. 


Ceramic coatings are much stronger and more durable than any other traditional auto care coatings. An excellent ceramic coating chemical can last up to several years. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, ceramic coatings also provide vehicles with chemical resistance. Generally, it is advised that ceramic coatings should be applied to vehicles with the assistance of professional auto detailers. Some detailers and detailing enthusiasts are of the view that ceramic coatings are a better alternative to other traditional auto care coatings/ products in terms of longevity, protection, gloss etc.

What is the science behind ceramic coatings?


As described earlier, ceramic coatings are primarily made up of resins, solvents and additives + SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide). This formulation works at a microscopic or 'nano' level when applied to the vehicle's surface. 


When the ceramic coating is applied to the car or bike's surface after it is corrected and treated with pre-ceramic coating products like those mentioned in this page, it binds to the vehicle's clear coats.


Clear coats when inspected at a microscopic level consist of several 'micro pores'. Since Ceramic Coatings consist of nanoparticles, these nano particles find their way inside these 'micro pores'. The solvents present in these coatings dry up and evaporate leaving behind these nano particles within the clear coat's micropores. When the ceramic coating starts curing, it hardens forming a slick and smooth transparent sheeting on the applied surfaces. 


It is this very phenomenon that provides ceramic coated cars or bikes with a slick, smooth, hydrophobic, dust and swirls resistance whereas it is silicone dioxide that is responsible for providing the vehicles with a high gloss finish.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a by-product of carbon that when inspected at a microscopic level has a hexagonal shape. It can be termed as something that is responsible for building 'graphite'. Graphene is one of the most durable substances out there. Its hardness, thermal resistance, flexibility, electric conductivity, etc. are a few of its properties that make it one of the most reliable and sought-after substances in the world today. 

Graphene Ceramic Coating vs Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coatings have now been around for many years but as of late, there has been a new interest that has been generated since the inception of graphene ceramic coatings. 


This in turn has led many to ask about the differences between old ceramic coatings and graphene ceramic coatings.

We've thoroughly explained what ceramic coatings are and the science behind ceramic coatings. Talking about graphene ceramic coatings, since they are infused with graphene, one of the hardest and sturdiest substances present on our planet, it is pretty evident that graphene ceramic coatings are going to have some sort of edge over regular ceramic coatings.


When talking about the physical properties of graphene ceramic  coatings, they tend to be more flexible when compared to their counterparts i.e regular ceramic coatings. This makes them less susceptible to cracking or chipping. 


(Note: When talking about the WaveX 9H Quartz + SiO2 ceramic coating, it too has been developed in such a manner that it too is less susceptible to cracking and chipping thus outperforming other conventional ceramic coatings in the market)


Graphene ceramic coatings tend to have a far superior hydrophobic effect compared to ordinary ceramic coatings hence making them less prone to hard water spots and scaling.


Graphene ceramic coatings not only tend to have an excellent high gloss finish to them post application but as mentioned earlier, the presence of graphene enables them to be far more durable that general ceramic coatings. They offer applied surfaces with a higher scratch resistance, swirl resistance, thermal resistance and longevity. When speaking about the WaveX 10H Graphene Ceramic Coatings, its effects last up to 5 Years and it grades a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. When a triple coat of this impeccable Graphene + SiO2 coating is done on the vehicle's surfaces, it provides them with an unparalleled supreme showroom finish and looks.


The recommended method and procedure for prepping a vehicle before the application of the ceramic coating is the same for both graphene ceramic coatings and regular ceramic coatings and so is its application process, curing time and general maintenance guidelines.