Why open a Wavex Franchise store?

  • The auto care products industry in India is growing at CAGR 8.5%
  • Market growth for auto care products in India is anticipated to reach USD 132.7 Million by 2028 from USD 74.9 Million in 2022
  • Several factors are contributing towards this stellar growth rate such as rising car ownership in the country, rising awareness for the need to maintain vehicles for better appearance and output, rapid rise in the number of detailing and car washing studios in India
  • This is the first time in India that an Autocare brand is introducing a dedicated showroom for the sale and distribution of autocare products in India making it an extremely lucrative business opprtunity.


  • Receive an unprecedented boost to your enterprise thanks to associating with a respectable and recognized brand
  • Strategically venture into a business concept that is being introduced for the first time in India which allows for you to gain an upper hand compared to others who may think or try to replicate the model in the future
  • The business model would be such that would not just allow your clients to reach out to you rather, you would have the ability to timely deliver products straight to your clients
  • Wavex Franchisee Showroom would allow you to create regional dealers and Pro Detailers who would provide you with regular business transactions


Under the store franchise program, you would have a state of the art showroom that would revolve around the standard branding pattern and colour schemes set by Wavex Auto Care. Your showroom should preferably be located near your district’s dedicated auto care market with an area ranging between 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. which would be catering to B2B and B2C clients through the presence of a vast range of car care products within its premises

Through the Wavex Auto Care showroom, you would have the opportunity to provide basic on-sight product related trainings to potential clients who would be interested in either setting up a new auto detailing business or probably resell the products at their respective retail counters.


Our comprehensive model encompasses all aspects of your business, ensuring that you have the tools, support, and expertise you need to thrive. Here's how we're by your side:

Place: On-Site Setup: Wavex provides a seamless on-site setup process, ensuring that your store is strategically designed and arranged for optimal customer engagement and operational efficiency.

People Professionalism and Training: Upholding a high standard of professionalism is essential. We offer ongoing HR and training support to ensure that all your employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional services.

Product/Stock Ready Inventory: Wavex takes care of providing the required product inventory, ensuring that you have a well-stocked store ready to serve your customer's needs.

Process Streamlined Operations: Managing your franchise is made easy with our comprehensive support. You'll have access to IT solutions, logistics and transport assistance, ongoing operational training, and regular audits to maintain top-notch efficiency and customer experience.

Promotion/ Digital Marketing and Advertising: To empower you in reaching your business goals, we offer unparalleled digital marketing and advertising support. Our expertise will help you generate buzz, attract customers and foster lasting brand loyalty.

Consistent Pricing Strategy: Wavex adopts a fair pricing strategy. The products offered will be sold at Maximum Retail Price (MRP) along with standard approved discount schemes, ensuring transparency and consistency.

From setup to daily operations, from people to product, from process to promotion and from pricing to professionalism—we're your dedicated partner in every aspect of your franchise journey.

With Wavex Auto Care, you're not just starting a business; you're joining a thriving network of success-driven individuals supported by a trusted and established brand.

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