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by Wavex Auto Care 30 Nov 2021 0 Comments

In this article, we will be covering the following points:

  1. Benefits of ceramic coating
  2. How to apply ceramic coating
  3. Best ceramic coating in the market

 Recently, the term ceramic coatings have been gaining a lot of popularity in the auto detailing scene. Vehicle owners are now constantly searching for the best options available in ceramic coatings for their vehicles but the real question that arises is- what is ceramic coating?

Besides being called ceramic coatings, they are also known by several other names such as glass coatings, nano coatings, silica coatings, hydrophobic coatings etc. Ceramic coating are basically a semi-permanent, non-metallic, inorganic and protective clear coating for vehicles that can be applied to various vehicles components. Besides being used on glossy painted cars and bikes, ceramic coatings can also be used in various industries such as marine and architecture. The reason for its immense popularity is due to its extremely high gloss, scratch/ swirl preventions, easy to clean/ maintain properties and protection against adverse weather conditions.

Ceramic coating are primarily made up of three components:

  • Resin (polymeric material that build-up the backbone of coating)
  • Solvents
  • Additives.

Ceramic coatings are combinations of scientifically advanced polymers and silicone dioxides. Ceramic coatings form a tough, durable, high gloss armor for vehicle’s exterior surfaces.  Ceramic coatings prevent UV damage, scratches, swirl marks, discolouration etc. on vehicle clear coats furthermore, it forms a superior hydrophobic coating on the vehicle’s exterior surfaces which prevents rusting and corrosion. 

Ceramic coatings are much stronger and durable than any other traditional auto care coatings. An excellent ceramic coating chemical can last up to several years. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, ceramic coatings also provide vehicles with chemical resistance. Generally, it is advised that ceramic coatings should be applied to vehicles with the assistance of professional auto detailers. Some detailers and detailing enthusiasts are of the view that ceramic coatings are a better alternative to other traditional auto care coatings/ products in terms of longevity, protection, gloss etc.


How to apply ceramic coatings?

As mentioned earlier, this is one process that requires the assistance of professional auto detailers. Ceramic coatings are not applied to vehicle surfaces directly. A vehicle must be prepped before the application of the coating to the vehicle’s exteriors. The prepping procedure is as follows:

  1. Cleaning
    A vehicle must be washed and cleaned in a manner in which it is stripped of all pre-existing waxes, polishes, sealants or glaze. This is done using a vehicle washing shampoo called the WaveX Strip Wash Shampoo. This isn’t your average vehicle wash shampoo rather, it is a professional auto detailing shampoo that strips off any pre-existing waxes, sealants, glaze, polishes etc. For best results, it is advised that this shampoo should be applied using the traditional bucket wash method.
  2. Prepping
    Once you’ve washed your vehicle, it is advised that you use a detailing clay bar to remove all/ any contamination that is present on your vehicle’s paint. If you work or reside in an area that tends to have a high level of iron contamination then you could use the WaveX Iron and Fallout remover before you use the WaveX Clay Bar Kit to remove iron, fallout and other industrial contamination from the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Using these two auto detailing products are an essential process of vehicle prep as ceramic coatings tend to bind to vehicle’s paint which means that if there are any contamination or unwanted dust/ dirt particles present in the vehicle’s paint, they will be sealed within the paint due to the ceramic coating. Detailing clay act as ‘contamination magnets’ that attract unwanted particles and even out the vehicle’s painted surfaces.
  3. Paint Correction
    Upon inspecting your vehicle closely after the above two steps, you will notice the presence of swirls and minor scratches. It is important to remove these paint defects before coating your vehicle and the recommended products for this job are WaveX’s range of rubbing compounds. Rubbing compounds remove paint defects, even the vehicle’s paint and provide the vehicle with a mirror gloss finish.

  1. Pre Treatment
    The final step is using a coating prep spray such as the WaveX Pre Treatment Spray. In the initial days of auto detailing, auto detailers used isopropyl alcohol, caustic detergents, highly concentrated degreasers or dish wash soaps to strip pre-existing polishes, waxes, sealants or glaze off of the vehicle’s surface and to prep it for the ceramic coating process however, using the aforementioned items are not recommended as in the long run, they can overly dry vehicle paints and could even damage clear coats. Using a pre coating spray such as the WaveX Pre Treatment Spray removes any leftover contaminations or leftover waxes, polishes or unwanted residues that could prove to be a hindrance in the application of ceramic coatings to vehicles.

Best ceramic coating in the market?

There are many impeccable auto detailing brands out there that offer excellent ceramic coating kits/ chemicals which provide wonderful results however, the best ceramic coating in the market is the WaveX Ceramic Coating Kit. The reason why this is the best ceramic coating kit in the auto detailing industry is because of the following points:

WaveX Ceramic Coating

Other Ceramic Coating


Monocrystalline SiO2 + Graphene infused coating

Only SiO2 infused


>10H hardness

Usually 9H or below


Ultra durable 3D gloss



Scratch, thermal, swirl, weather, oxidation, graffiti, UV and chemical protection

Scratch and swirl protection


Honeycomb graphene structured molecules. Absolutely thick and luscious coating

Average ceramic coating


Unmatched hydrophobic coating, water beading and water resistance

Average water beading and hydrophobic coating


Lasts more than 5 years

Lasts between 1-3 years


Effects enhance and prolong upon use of WaveX Ceramic Coating Maintenance products



Multi surface coating that can be applied to vehicle’s paint, glass, wheels, dashboard, vinyl, rubber, plastic etc.

Developed for just vehicle’s painted surfaces and in some cases, for paints and glass

We hope that you now have a clear understanding of ceramic coatings, its uses and benefits. You could also read other informative auto detailing articles by visiting the links below:

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