Matte Finish Maintainer 350 ml Combo, Wash, Clean, Protect and Maintain Matte Bikes and Cars, Consists of WaveX Matte Wash Shampoo, Matte Finish Maintainer, Microfiber Cloth & Chrome & Metal Polish 100gm
Highlights: Premium vehicle wash shampoo developed by WaveX Auto Care for effectively cleaning matte wrap/ matte painted surfaces and components. Streak free formula that seamlessly removes dust, dirt, debris and road grime off of matte surfaces and components. WaveX Matte...
Rs. 1,038.00 Rs. 606.00
Colour Foam Car Shampoo Combo Consists of Blue, Yellow and Pink Colour Car Foam Shampoos- Produces Thick Coloured Foam
Highlights: • Coloured foam shampoo from WaveX Auto Care for cleaning bikes and cars. • Combo available in blue, yellow and pink colour foaming variants. • Cleans and shines vehicles. Effortlessly removes dirt, grime and stains. • A high foaming vehicle wash shampoo that...
Rs. 1,363.00 from Rs. 1,034.00
CCK31- Car Care Kit- Contains Dual Sided Brush, Premium Detailing Brush, Washing Sponge, Microfiber Cloths, Foam Applicators
• WaveX presents its Car Care Kit 31- The complete detailing kit for professional auto detailers and vehicle washing centers.  • Consists of the WaveX Dual Sided Brush, Washing Sponge, Premium Interior Detailing Brush, Red Microfiber Cloth, Yellow Microfiber Cloth,...
Rs. 1,455.00 Rs. 833.00
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Microfiber Cloth Combo Consists of the WaveX Large Green, Twisted Loop, Waffle Weave, Double Sided and Edge-less Microfiber Cloth
WaveX Waffle Weave Microfiber Cloth:  The professional, deep waffle weave pockets in these towels create a superior absorbency of liquids, cutting the regular drying time of vehicles in half while the extra density provides a super soft texture that massages...
Rs. 2,225.00 Rs. 1,287.00
Waterless Car Wash with Microfiber Cloths for Car, Consists of Waterless Car Wash Kit and 5 Premium Microfiber Towels
Looking for a waterless car wash kit? You've arrived at the right place! WaveX waterless car wash kit is a premium waterless car wash kit that can clean up to 140 cars! Yes, you've read that right! The Wavex® Waterless Car...
Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 739.00
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Polishing Pad Combo Consists of WaveX Swirl Killer Microfiber Cutting Disk, Hard Cut Polishing Foam Pad, Diamond Cut Medium and Final Finish Polishing Foam Pad 6.5"- Fits to 6" Backing Plate Designed for Both DA and Rotary Polisher Machines
Highlights:  WaveX Swirl Killer Microfiber Cutting Disk Pad for Cutting and Polishing Professional auto detailing 6” microfiber cutting pads from WaveX auto Care for dual action and rotary polisher machines. Cuts through moderate surface defects without creating any unwanted swirls...
Rs. 4,800.00 Rs. 2,991.00
Essential Car Care Kit -12 Piece - Combo of all best selling products from Wavex, Car Cleaning Kit Combo
If you could have one car cleaning kit in your car detailing and maintenance arsenal which could take care of all your vehicle maintenance needs right from cleaning the car's exteriors, maintaining the vehicle's interior plastic, leather vinyl, rubber &...
Rs. 2,267.00 Rs. 1,373.00
Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound Plus Medium Cut and Final Finish Low Cut high Gloss with car Polish Premium Past Wax {Car Care kit (Set of 4)}
Wavex Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound (500gm) Heavy hard cut compound Extremely high abrasion and fast removal of sanding marks No dust formulation and silicone-free Works best both with manual and machine use Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating...
Rs. 1,646.00 Rs. 1,543.00
Complete Car Care Kit
Rs. 1,086.00 Rs. 656.00
Complete Car Care Kit
Wavex All Complete Car Care Kit delivers three proven wavex products formulated to enhance your car’s looks and protect your automotive investment. Includes Wave Wash and Wax Car Shampoo 500ml, Wavex Silicone Glaze 350ml, Wavex Carnauba Wax 350gm. The perfect...
Rs. 1,086.00 Rs. 656.00
Rubbing Compound for Super Heavy Cut, Medium Cut with Polish and Final Finish Super High Gloss Compound (Car Compound Kit (Set of 3))
Wavex Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound (500gm) WaveX heavy cut compound is a high-performance compound that leads the field in the removal of sanding marks by lengths. Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating. High performance finish thanks to the...
Rs. 1,188.00 Rs. 1,107.00
Clay Bar Kit (2 Bars 100grm Each, 1 Clay Lube 350ml, 1 Microfiber Cloth)
Wavex Clay bar leaves the surface silky smooth with a mirror-like smooth finish, premium professional quality clay bar capable of removing contaminants, such as bugs, tar, rust and overspray Attracts sticked particles from paint like magnet and makes the surface...
Rs. 950.00 Rs. 811.00
Wonder Wash Car Shampoo 500ml + Wavex® Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Protectant 350ml
Wavex® Dashboard and Leather Conditioner+ Protectant is a multi-surface shield for your vehicle's interior. It maintains the supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic, and rubber while blocking out harmful UV rays. Treated surfaces resist fading, drying, and cracking so...
Rs. 600.00 Rs. 416.00
Chrome and Metal Polish 350 GMS
Wavex Chrome and Metal Polish Restore luster, removes oxidation Makes chrome new like factory fresh Just apply, rub and wipe with a cloth Works great on all types of metallic surfaces like chrome, copper, brass, steel, aluminum, etc. Wavex Instant...
Rs. 548.00 Rs. 466.00
Rubbing Compound for Medium Cut with Polish with Final Finish Super High Gloss {Car Compound (Set of 2)}
Wavex Medium Cut Rubbing Compound Plus Polish (500gm) WaveX medium cut compound offers an optimum combination with the removal of sanding marks and gloss production on automotive clear coats. It also works great for removing scratches, paint defects, and oxidation...
Rs. 824.00 Rs. 772.00
Plastic Leather Vinyl Rubber Cleaner 350ml, Car Interior Dashboard Cleaner with Dashboard Polish and Leather Conditioner+Protectant 350ml, {Care Care Kit(Set of 2)}
Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Cleaner not only cleans the surface but makes it germs and bacteria-free. Its unique formulation does dual action of cleaning with sanitizing Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Cleaner not only cleans the surface but makes it germs and...
Rs. 614.00 Rs. 576.00
Matte Finish Maintainer 350ml with Chrome and Metal Polish 350g, {Matte Painted Bike Care Kit (Set of 2)}
Wavex matte finish cleans, enhances and protects the surface without adding any extra shine that would ruin the matte look. Cleans off dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, and fresh water spots with an ease. Streak free formula that protects the paint...
Rs. 653.00 Rs. 557.00
Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound 500gm with Final Finish Low Cut High Gloss Rubbing Compound (500gm) (Car Compound (Set of 2))
Wavex Heavy Hard Cut Rubbing Compound (500gm) WaveX heavy cut compound is a high-performance compound that leads the field in the removal of sanding marks by lengths. Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating. High performance finish thanks to the...
Rs. 803.00
Plastic Leather Vinyle Rubber Cleaner with Carpet Cleaner Upholstery Concentrate (Set of 2)
WaveX Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner Concentrate Cleans car fabric seat, home sofa, carpets, and all other types of upholstery fabrics. Removes all kinds of stains like food, makeup, grease, fruit juice, oil, pet stains, and others. Your upholstery fabric will...
Rs. 550.00 Rs. 514.00
Car Body Polish Carnauba Wax 350ml + Wavex® Car Dashboard and Leather Polish 350ml
Great combo for both your interior and exterior protection. Wavex Carnauba Wax: Makes your Car Paint deeper, darker, and reflective. Includes pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Protects the paint color, Super high gloss that lasts months. Gives water bedding and thin...
Rs. 760.00 Rs. 512.00
Brazilian Carnauba Wax Car Polish 350gm, Dashboard Leather Polish Conditioner with Protectant 350ml & Matte Tyre Polish 350ml (Car Care Kit(Set of 3))
Automobile Detailing Car Polish Kit India Undoubtedly one of the finest automobile detailing car polish kit in India, the WaveX CCK14 is in a league of its own. Consisting of the WaveX Carnauba Wax, WaveX Dashboard and Leather Conditioner +...
Rs. 1,055.00 Rs. 771.00
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