Wavex Carnauba Wax Car Polish combines the power of innovative technology and nature to deliver an unbelievable high shine, wet, butter-smooth, mirror-like finish to cars of all colours. Manufactured using ultra-refined Carnauba Leaves that are nature’s ultimate micro-cleansing and polishing agents.

Refined Carnauba polymers in our Car Polish will not only get rid of unwanted left-over particles but will also work at a ‘micro-level’ to bring out a deep paint finish on the car. It is ideal especially for those cars that are a bit old & have lost their brilliant gloss from a couple of years ago.

While using Wavex Carnauba Wax Car Polish, make sure that you apply an even and thin layer of the car polish to your car’s paint, headlights and chrome components. Usually, For 1 SUV type car 50-60 grams of our car wax is enough to bring out a showroom-like shine and gloss.

Wavex Carnauba Car Wax Polish creates a strong protective barrier on your car’s paint, headlights and chrome components that locks-in shine and gloss offering mirror reflection for a longer time. It creates an extremely powerful protective layer that shields cars surface against oxidation and fading.

Its use over the long term can even prevent the car’s exterior painted surface from becoming unnecessarily rough. The brilliant hydrophobic, water beading effect of our Car Wax Polish will prevent the formation and build-up of hard water stains and rust on car paint.

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