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by Wavex Auto Care 07 Sep 2023 0 Comments
10h vs 9h ceramic coating

Ever wondered what the difference between the 9H ceramic coatings and 10H ceramic coatings are and which one should you go for? Furthermore, what is the difference between Wavex’s 10H ceramic coating and 9H ceramic coating and what are the benefits of applying the Wavex 10H ceramic coating or 9H ceramic coating?

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What are ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coatings are a sort of semi-permanent coatings that are applied to glossy painted cars and bikes by professional detailers. It is a sort of clear coat that acts as a protective barrier against contaminants, UV rays, discolouration, fading, heat, frosting, minute swirls/ scratches and more.


Unlike other auto care products that are applied by professional detailers on their client’s cars or bikes, ceramic coatings take a longer time to apply effectively as this isn’t mere child’s play, this is a really time consuming job which first requires paint correction and surface preparation using various products.

What is 10H ceramic coating and 9H ceramic coating?

Before we understand the difference between 10H coatings and 9H coatings, we must first understand what ‘H’ means? The alphabet ‘h’ is an indicator of mineral hardness on a qualitative ordinal scale that was introduced by a German Scientist by the name of Friedrich Mohs which characterized the strength and scratch resistance of minerals that are found on our planet. This scale ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being talc and 10 being diamond.


So now, you will be able to understand that 10H ceramic coatings and 9H ceramic coatings are indeed very strong and reliable ceramic coatings for cars.

What are the benefits of applying ceramic coatings on cars?

Ceramic coatings when they are properly applied to a car, tend to strongly bond with the car’s paint thus protecting the car’s applied surfaces. Ceramic coatings such as the Wavex 10H ceramic coating and the Wavex 9H ceramic coating are multi-surface ceramic coatings that can be applied to multiple exterior surfaces of cars such as its paint, plastic trims, chrome components, headlights, mirrors, windshields, rubber components and more.


Ceramic coatings will prevent the surfaces where they have been applied from losing their showroom-like look and condition which is one of the major benefits of why a car owner should apply ceramic coatings.

ceramic coating application

What is the difference between 10H ceramic coatings and 9H ceramic coatings?

The major difference between the 10H ceramic coatings and 9H ceramic coatings is their hardness and stay/ durability. As mentioned in the section above, as per Moh’s scale, 10H coating is obviously going to be harder and stronger when compared to 9H ceramic coatings. In terms of the properties that both coatings provide, they’re pretty much the same. The gloss, shine and finish that both coatings offer is extraordinarily impressive and undifferentiated. When talking about the Wavex 10H and 9H ceramic coating, the only difference is that the 10H ceramic coatings lasts longer than the 9H ceramic coating which means that 10H ceramic coatings tend to be a bit more durable than 9H ceramic coatings.

9h ceramic coating 10h ceramic coating

Pro tip: Coating boosters such as the Wavex Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating can be used by professional detailers to refresh applied ceramic coatings and boost their longevity furthermore, after the complete curing of ceramic coatings, the Wavex Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating can also be used as a coating toppers for final finishing.

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