Empty Spray Pump Bottles 3pc & Empty Pull-Push Trigger Bottles 3pc - Set of 6 Pcs
Compact, easy to store and carry Export Quality empty spray container with a solid sturdy exterior. Translucent body with description box, allows you to write the name of the solution on the bottle Can store up to 350ml liquid Spray...
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All Purpose Cleaning Gel
Rs. 375.00 from Rs. 355.00
All Purpose Cleaning Gel
A 20: 1 dilution will do for most general cleaning applications. For tougher jobs use a 10: 1 dilution and give it more sitting time before wiping. Some basic cleaning applications: dishwash, floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, foam wash, car wash,...
Rs. 375.00 from Rs. 355.00
Marble and Granite Cleaner - 350ml
Wavex marble and granite cleaner is specially formulated product for cleaning of marble and granite. Product is very safe to use and simple in application. Just spray appropriate amount on the surface and rub with cloth. Cleaner leaves marble and...
Rs. 365.00 Rs. 302.00
WPS19 Room Freshener - Lemon Grass Fragrance Room Air Freshener (Professional Supplies)
Ready to use room freshener liquid Pleasant fragrance of Lemon Grass. Clears foul smell Best suited for washrooms, guestrooms, banquet halls and office rooms Minimal spray required How to Use? Fill the material in a clean trigger spray container. Directly...
from Rs. 820.00
Clay Towel, Fine Grade Auto Detailing Clay Bar Towel Microfiber Claying Towel Car Wash Mitt Clay Bar for Car Care
Highlights: Quickly and effectively removes surface contaminants Save time and effort used during traditional detailing claying Safe and gentle on automotive paint Leaves vehicle surfaces with a silky smooth contamination free finish Blue coloured clay towel that is 30 cm...
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 752.00
Ultrafine Foam Applicator + Microfiber Cloth 350GSM 40X40CM (Pack of 1 Microfiber, 3 Foam Applicators Yellow)
Wavex Ultrafine 4" Foam Applicator Pads are used for easy and accurate application of mild compounds, car polish, car wax, and other auto care products. These polishing pads are made of premium quality specialized sponge that provides smooth, even application...
Rs. 420.00 Rs. 326.00
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