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by Wavex Auto Care 27 Mar 2023 0 Comments
car detail

Car detailing is not as hard as it seems in fact, any car owner can provide their respective cars with a ‘basic detail’. Through this article, Wavex Auto Care will teach you how to detail your car at home with the utmost ease.

What is car detailing?

The word ‘detailing’ and the industry of ‘auto detailing’ has become very popular lately with many detailing professionals setting up various detailing centers across the globe within the past decade but, what exactly is car detailing?

In laymen terms, detailing or ‘car detailing’ can be defined as the method or process in which the car or bike is taken care of in terms of its appearance. This is done both externally and internally. Car detailing and auto detailing services seldom do not cover the ‘mechanical maintenance aspects’ which is the job that most conventional service centers take care of. 

In car detailing, visible and invisible contaminants are removed from both the car’s interiors and exteriors. Both the car’s interiors and exteriors are polished to an extent where they each get an almost blemish free look similar to or even better than what it was when they first purchased their car or bike.

car cleaning

Want to detail your car at home?

Detailing the car at home isn’t as hard as you think. Sure, you may not have the machines that professional detailers have at their disposal but that doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve excellent results. It all comes down to using professional grade, DIY friendly auto care products such as those that are manufactured by Wavex Auto Care. There is no denying that in most cases, you will not be able to apply ceramic coatings or rubbing compounds at home without the apt knowledge, setup and equipment but the products that we are going to suggest are nonetheless going to do an impeccable job at detailing your car at home.

Exterior Car Detailing at Home

The main components that cover a vehicle’s exteriors are its paint, headlights, tail lamps, glass/ windshields, chrome components (if any), exterior trims (if any), wheels and tyres. The first step for exterior detailing would be washing the vehicle’s body and tyres. For glossy painted vehicles, using a car wash shampoo such as the Wavex Wonder Wash Car Shampoo or the Wavex Wash + Wax would be ideal however, for a matte painted car or bike, it is advised that one uses a dedicated shampoo that’s compatible with matte surfaces such as the Wavex Matt Wash Shampoo.

For Wheels & Tyres

For a car’s tyres and wheels, using a dedicated wheel and tyre cleaner such as the Wavex All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate would be of great benefit as it would remove tyre browning, dust, dirt and contamination.

For Car Exterior Body

After cleaning the car’s exterior body and tyres, the final step would be to use a dresser for both. For the body, the ideal product is using a wax such as the Wavex Carnauba Wax which will provide protection and shine to the car’s exterior painted surfaces, headlights and chrome components. In case, you are one of those vehicle owners that simply cannot spare the time for applying a traditional wax, you could use the Wavex Seal Wax which has almost the same results as a regular wax but doesn’t require the traditional application methods of a wax and could also be used on all the exterior components of a car. Even its trims!

car polishing

Pro Tip: If you have the time, patience, knowledge and skill and would like to get rid of oxidation that has formed on your vehicle’s paint followed by minor swirls and scratches, you could use the Wavex One Step Polishing Compound’s 350-gram variant. Having a dual action polisher machine and premium polishing pads would be an additional plus point whilst using this product.

Now for your tyres, you should use a premium tyre dresser that will help maintain the look of your car’s tyres followed by helping prevent premature cracking. This is where the Wavex Tyre Guard Tyre and the Wavex Matte Black Tyre Dressing would step in. For the vehicle owners who prefer a high gloss, rich black shine + a hydrophobic layer, we’d recommend that you go for the Wavex Tyre Guard. For a rich matte, dry to touch look and zero dust attraction, it is advised that a car owner should opt for the Wavex Matte Black Tyre Dressing.

Interior Car Detailing at Home

Once you’ve completed the exterior detailing part you’d then move on to the second detailing phase which is- Interior Detailing.

For interior detailing, all you need are two chemicals namely- an interior cleaner and an interior dresser.

Using an interior cleaner such as the Wavex PLVR Cleaner will help one clean their car’s interior plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components by removing accumulated dirt. The benefits of the Wavex PLVR Cleaner is that it acts as a sanitizer due to its innate anti-microbial properties furthermore, it partially softens the car’s interior components such as the car’s leather seats. So if you’re planning to use it on an expensive car with really posh and delicate interiors, this is the right choice for you.

3d image dashboard polish with application

An interior dresser such as the Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner + Protectant will be used after the interior cleaner to conclude the interior detailing process. It will be applied to the same components where the Wavex PLVR Cleaner was used. Its job is to give the aforementioned components a natural, mild shine whilst conditioning them to prevent pre-mature aging, cracking and discolouration, leaving the car's interiors with a soothing peach fragrance and zero chances of attracting dust.

Pro tip: In case you feel that your car’s interior fabric roof or fabric carpets could also do a much-needed cleaning, you should give the Wavex Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner Concentrate a try. With its citrus fragrance, strong cleaning capabilities and exemplary results, this upholstery and fabric cleaner isn’t just limited to a car’s fabric rather, it can also be used in various settings such as offices, residences and even public places to clean upholstery, carpets and fabrics.

3d image of plvr car interior cleaner with application

Now that you’ve read this article, we are pretty confident that you are equipped with the appropriate knowledge needed to detail your car at home using Wavex Auto Care’s recommended products. Thanks to the above recommended products, you will thoroughly cherish and enjoy car detailing at home!

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