Leather Care


The Care and Feeding of Leather

Leather upholstery and leather goods will maintain their beauty indefinitely when properly cared for, cleaned, and treated. Leather upholstery and handbags need to be repetitively cleaned and treated to maintain the suppleness and beauty inherent to leather products. This is also true for leather car seats. Not feeding leather with nutritive oils results in drying, premature aging, and, ultimately, cracking and deterioration of the leather.

Leather has pores just like human skin and must be carefully cleansed on occasion to allow the leather treatment to infuse into the material and protect the leather from any infusion of dirt, oil, or ultraviolet ray damage when exposed to sunlight.

Materials needed:

  •     Wavex Leather Cleaner
  •     Wavex Leather Conditioner
  •     Sponge
  •     Micro Fiber Cloth

Leather Cleaning

Apply small amount of Wavex Leather Cleaner on the surface and rub with sponge or cloth . Use consistent strokes in a small area until the surface is clean of any accumulated residue and contamination some areas may require repetitive cleaning steps to achieve proper results. Is important to not overuse or rub too vigorously as you are dealing with fine leather with a varnish finish.

Leather Conditioning

Using a foam pad apply a small amount of Wavex Leather Conditioner to the leather surface using a circular motion and gently applying it to the leather. It is quite helpful if the leather surface is warm. This can be achieved by leaving the vehicle or article to be treated in the sun for a while.  When the leather surface is cool, use an electric hairdryer to warm the leather material. When applying the leather treatment you should allow several minutes for the treatment to be absorbed by the leather. If the product is absorbed quickly, a successive or repetitive application of the treatment may be necessary. This is important on leather which is not been treated for a substantial amount of time or if the leather has been neglected altogether. Once the application process is completed and the product has been absorbed by the leather, carefully buff by hand with a soft cotton cloth to achieve a soft luster.

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