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by Wavex Auto Care 23 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Car detailing isn’t just limited to the use of car care chemicals rather; car care accessories are just as important as the car care chemicals. In this article, we’ve listed a few of the top car care accessories that are important for car detailing.

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Top Car Care Accessories for Washing

Washing is the first step that is carried out before any form of detailing is done hence, using top car care accessories for this is extremely important to ensure that the car or bike wash is done in an appropriate manner without actually causing any damage to the vehicle’s delicate exterior surfaces. Some of the most important car care accessories for this purpose are:

Grit Guards
Washing Sponge/ Washing Mitts
Foam Cannons 
Drying Towels
Tyre and Wheel Brushes

Adding grit guards to a car wash bucket is absolutely integral. The purpose of grit guards is to separate and settle unwanted dust particles during washing so as to ensure that the formation of swirls and scratches are averted altogether. 

Instead of the age old methods of using normal rags for washing your car or bike, it is best recommended that one uses excellent quality car washing sponges or car wash mitts. The purpose of washing sponges or mitts it to cover a greater surface area whilst generating and holding an appropriate amount of manual foam. Sure, you can also use microfiber towels for washing your vehicle but using car wash sponges or mitts is a much better and professional option furthermore, the results that you’d get while using either of them are going to be much better than that which you will get while using a microfiber towel or any other rag for that matter. Washing mitts are available in two primary options such as microfiber washing mitts and lamb wool washing mitts. 

For passionate DIY car care enthusiast and professional car washing centers interested in the concept of a ‘touchless wash’, foam cannons are an integral car care accessory that shouldn’t be avoided. The purpose of foam cannons is to convert car washing shampoos into a thick snow like foam that clings to the surface of the car or bike. When this foam seeps down the vehicle’s surface, it loosens the dirt and dust particles and takes down the particles that are already loose with it that appear in its path while the shampoo seeps down thus providing a touchless and effortless washing experience. For stubborn dirt, mildly using a washing mitt is advised.

Drying towels are equally important as using the aforementioned car care accessories. If a car or bike is not dried in an appropriate manner, it could lead to the formation of unwanted scales or hard water spots on its exterior surfaces such as glass, paint, chromes etc. The purpose of dedicated drying microfiber towels is to provide a quick, seamless and streak free drying experience so as to ensure that no scales or streaks form on the exterior surfaces of cars or bikes. 

Pro Tip:  Using a rinse aid chemical such as the Wavex Hybrid X or the Wavex Ceramic Seal Wax along with a drying towel will not only help you dry your vehicle much faster but will also leave behind a wax like shine and protection.  

Tyre and wheel brushes are important accessories for car and bike tyres. What’s the point of an extremely clean exterior yet unimpressive looking tyres? Using dedicated tyre and wheel brushes along with dedicated tyre and wheel cleaner concentrates such as that which is manufactured by Wavex Auto Care will help provide an excellent result on tyres and wheels by preventing the formation of tyre browning and eventual discolouration.

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Top Car Care Accessories for Exteriors and Interiors

The most important car care accessories that one requires for car exteriors/ interiors are:

Microfiber towels
Detailing Pads
Detailing Brushes 

Microfiber towels and not just any microfiber towels, soft, premium and effective microfiber towels are the basic accessory required by all vehicle owners and detailing professionals. Each microfiber towel has a different purpose and use. The Wavex 350 gsm 40 x 40 cm detailing microfiber towel works best during the application of waxes and polishes on the other hand Wavex Waffle Weave Microfiber Towels/ Edgeless Microfiber Towels are best suited for use along with glass cleaning and detailing chemicals.

Applicators too are available in various forms and variants. There are standard foam applicators that are used for the application of automotive waxes, polishes and dressers on the other hand, there are specialised applicators for the application of tyre polishes and engine dressers such as the Wavex Black Foam Applicator.

Microfiber applicator pads too can be used for the application of automotive polishes but usually find their use during the application of automotive coatings such as ceramic coatings.

Detailing pads are the topmost car care accessories used by professional car detailers. There are specialised detailing pads available for specific purposes such as cutting pads for rubbing compounds polishing pads for the application of automotive polishes and finishing pads that finds their use during the application of automotive waxes. 

Detailing brushes too are important car care accessories that should not be overlooked. There are certain brushes such as pencil detailing brushes that are used along with auto care chemicals to get into and clean/ detail areas and components that are usually very hard to reach. If these areas and components are ignored, they could potentially become the breeding ground for unwanted contaminants and in the care of vehicle interiors- the breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. 

Pro Tip: For effectively cleaning the car’s interior plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components and sanitizing them, one could use the Wavex PLVR Cleaner + Sanitizer along with pencil detailing brushes to get into hard to reach crevices and areas and effectively clean them.

Other forms of interior detailing brushes that are available in the auto care industry which too shouldn’t be neglected are the Wavex Premium Interior Detailing Horse Hair Bushes which find their use along with auto detailing chemicals for not just plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components but could also be used along with upholstery and fabric cleaning chemicals. Such detailing brushes prove to be a great alternate for conventional pencil detailing brushes as sometimes there could be various components that have a larger surface area where using smaller detailing brushes could be an arduous and time consuming task. Hence using detailing brushes such as the aforementioned ones prove to be more practical. 

PLVR cleaner with detailing brush

We’re pretty confident that you will now be able to choose the best car care accessories for your use/ detailing purposes. In case you’re wondering where you could purchase these top recommended car care accessories then you don’t need to fret as all of these car care accessories are available at the Wavex Auto Care online store which is-

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