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Wavex Foam Pro 2.0 Foam Sprayer Tyre Care Kit– Includes Improved Pressure Foam Sprayer for Tyre Wash & Cleaning, All Wheel & Tyre Cleaner 1 Ltr, Tyre Polish 350 ml, Dual Side Tyre Cleaning Brush & Microfiber Cloth
Improved Strong and sturdy, super foam and mist producing manual foam sprayer from WaveX Auto Care with zero defect guaranteed. Works extremely well with WaveX’s auto care products such as All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate, Iron and Fallout Remover...
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Wavex Foam Pro2.0 Foaming Pump Sprayer Combo–Includes Improved Pressure Foam Sprayer for Car Cleaning Car Wash, All Wheel & Tyre Cleaner Acid-Free Formulation All Wheel Safe & Dual Side Tyre Cleaning Brush
Improved Strong and sturdy, super foam and mist-producing manual foam sprayer from WaveX Auto Care with zero defect guaranteed. Works extremely well with WaveX’s auto care products such as All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate, Iron and Fallout Remover etc....
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Ceramic Seal Wax Concentrate - SiO2 Water Activated Paint & Glass Protection - Spray On, Rinse Off - Lasts 2X Longer Than Wax - Deep, Wet Shine 350ml 11.83 fl.oz.
Rs. 750.00 Rs. 608.00
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Ceramic Coating Applicator Sponge, Dual Tone Microfiber Surface for applying Ceramic Coating on Car (Single Pc)
Description WaveX Dual Sided Ceramic Coating Microfiber Applicator Pads are the apt detailing tools when it comes to the application of ceramic coating on cars and bikes. With a super soft yet sturdy sponge backed by extremely premium and luscious...
Rs. 110.00 Rs. 68.00
Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating 300ml – 3 Years Sprayable Graphene Oxide Ceramic Coating for Cars & Bikes, Adds Extreme Gloss, Depth, Shine & Protection (Advanced Spray Coating)
How to Use? Spray it on coating applicator and apply evenly in straight and then horizontal direction on the surface. Later level the coating by buffing using clean and dry microfiber cloth.   Apply coating section by section and level...
Rs. 2,999.00 from Rs. 2,128.00
Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth Upgraded 1200gsm Ultra-Thick Cars Drying Towel Microfiber Cloth for Car and Home Polishing Washing and Detailing 16'' x 16"
A giant in automotive detailing has now arrived in the automotive industry thanks to WaveX Auto Care in the shape of the WaveX Mighty Monster 1200 GSM Multi- Utility Microfiber Towel. A nightmare for dust, dirt, contamination, the WaveX Mighty...
Rs. 390.00 from Rs. 342.00
Microfiber Applicator Pad Combo, Microfiber Reusable Polishing Pads, Multipurpose Ultra-Soft Applicator Pads Perfect For Cleaning Cars, Bikes and More (Single Pc)
Highlights:  Ultra- durable, gentle yet sturdy, plush, super-absorbent microfiber applicator sponge pads that are 12.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.5 cm in size. Microfiber applicator pads are reliable and long lasting. Are gentle yet effective on all exterior and...
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Polishing & Buffing Pad for Cars and Bikes, 6.5"- Fits 6" Backing Plate, for DA and Rotary Polishers
The WaveX Hard Cut Polishing and Buffing Pad provides you with an effective and enjoyable detailing experience. This hard cutting, sanding marks removing pad is sturdy enough to remove paint defects when paired with the WaveX’s range of hard cutting...
Rs. 1,200.00 from Rs. 628.00
Foam Cannon 3.0 for pressure washer
Paving the way for revolution in the auto detailing and car washing industry, WaveX Auto Care proudly presents the WaveX Foam Cannon 3.0. For the very first time in the global auto care, auto detailing and car washing industry, do...
Rs. 5,999.00 Rs. 3,540.00
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HydroMax Quick Ceramic Spray Coating, Ceramic Spray Coating for Car and Bike, Requires No Curing Time, Spray Buff and Wipe
Highlights: Super hydrophobic, high gloss, liquid based ceramic coating. Developed specially for detailing enthusiasts and DIY users. Practically saves you the prep, application and curing time required for traditional ceramic coatings. Compatible for virtually all exterior vehicle surfaces such as...
Rs. 935.00 from Rs. 440.00
Anti- Fog Rain Repellent Spray Coating 100 ml
Highlights: Water repellant Ultra hydrophobic anti fog glass coating for car and bike’s glass and windshield. Repels water to boost optical clarity of glass especially during rain and harsh weather. Advanced Ceramic and SiO2 infused formulation prevents the formation of...
Rs. 935.00 Rs. 640.00
Heavy Duty Exterior Trim Cleaner, Removes Browning Layer from Black Plastic, Stubborn Rust, Hardwater Spots, and buildup from Edges, Cleans Logo and Grills
Highlights: Heavy duty exterior plastic and fiber cleaner developed specifically for detailing professionals. Extremely powerful cleaning solution that acts as a restorer for exterior fiber and plastic components. Doesn’t temporarily and superficially cover up the components. Cuts through toughest dirt,...
Rs. 480.00 from Rs. 397.00
Ceramic Wash Car Shampoo, Specially for Ceramic Coated Vehicles, Maintains Life of Coating
 Highlights: Scientifically developed Graphene Ceramic Wash Shampoo infused with graphene resins. Powerful vehicle wash shampoo that removes dust, dirt and grime without spoiling or harming your vehicle’s existing coating, wax or sealants. Recommended washing shampoo for ceramic coated vehicles. Removes...
Rs. 545.00 from Rs. 422.00
Spray Wax for Car & Bike, Spray and Wipe Formula for Long Lasting Miraculous Shine, Infused with Rich Blueberry fragrance
Highlights: WaveX Spray Wax for Car & Bike provides an unmatched depth of paint gloss, UV, paint and hard water spots protection. WaveX Spray Wax for Car & Bike is richly infused with ultra-refined carnauba wax and save you the...
Rs. 830.00 from Rs. 549.00
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Hard Cut Polishing Pad 6.5"- Fits to 6" Backing Plate
  Highlights: Professional grade hard cut yellow coloured polishing pad from WaveX Auto Care. 6” diameter, 1” thick pad that finishes at an impeccable speed to remove paint defects and sanding marks. Perfectly centered polishing pad that provides faster, easier...
Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 662.00
Brazilian Carnauba Wax Car Polish (100gm) - Pure Liquid Carnauba Wax After Car Wash for Shine, Gloss, Paint Protection - Use On Car & Bike
WaveX Carnauba Wax manufactured by WaveX Auto Care is a 'must-have' vehicle wax for every professional vehicle wash/ detailing center and DIY car care enthusiast.   Why use the WaveX Carnauba Wax? That's a good question! You should use the...
Rs. 165.00 Rs. 158.00
Car Dashboard Polish and Leather Conditioner+Protectant (100g)
Best Quality Dashboard Polish Ever Made The WaveX Dashboard and Leather Conditioner, a fantastic vehicle interior dresser and conditioner, is a multi-surface shield for your vehicle's interior. It maintains the supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber while...
Rs. 145.00 Rs. 131.00
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