Difference Between Polish And Cleaners


Professional vehicle washing and detailing center owners know that ‘cleaning’ and ‘polishing’ are two integral parts of the ‘vehicle maintenance process’ but the problem is that most DIY car care and maintenance enthusiasts often do not know the difference between the two terms and end up mistaking one term for the other.

The real problem arises when the DIY enthusiasts use auto care polishing products for cleaning purposes and auto care cleaning products for polishing vehicle components. This disappoints them when they obviously do not get the results that they desired.

And finally, it leads to them mistakenly or subconsciously doubting the quality and performance of the auto care product that they purchased.

Does all of this sound familiar to you? Have you too faced such a situation in the past?

There’s no need to worry! Through this article, WaveX Auto Care will help you better understand the difference between polishes and cleaners.

What is a cleaner?

An auto care cleaner is that product which helps you clean vehicle surfaces or components and helps you get rid of dust, dirt, grime, stains etc.

A cleaner will to some extent, restore your vehicle’s component to its former self after eliminating the dirt that has accumulated over time on its surface.

An example of an auto care cleaner is the WaveX PLVR Cleaner, a multi surface vehicle interior cleaner that not only cleans but simultaneously sanitizes plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components of the vehicle’s interior with ease.

The WaveX PLVR Cleaner leaves your vehicle’s interior components with a soft and fresh looking surface post application.

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What is a polish?

We’re pretty much sure that after you’ve read the ‘what is a cleaner’ paragraphs, you must have understood what an auto care polish is but we will nonetheless dive into it.

A polish provides a brilliant shine to the vehicle’s components. Polishes are usually used after cleaners. Once the vehicle’s surface or components are clean, the polishes will provide a much better result. Polishes cannot be used to rid your vehicle’s components of dust, dirt and grime. Polishes usually act as a final step in your vehicle detailing or maintenance process.

A classic example of an auto care polish is the WaveX One Step Polishing Compound, a professional grade polish with diminutive abrasives that help rid your vehicle’s painted surfaces of oxidation, mirror scratches and swirl marks.

Once you’ve thoroughly washed your vehicle’s exterior surface using any one of WaveX’s vehicle washing shampoos, you need to dry its surface before applying the WaveX One Step Polishing Compound.

Polishes such as the One Step Polishing Compound can be applied manually or via a buffing machine

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Another major difference between cleaners and polishes is that cleaners are usually found in a liquid state where as polishes would often be found in either a semi-viscous or a thick paste state.

We now hope that you now have a better understanding of both the terms and that it would help you in getting your desired cleaning or polishing results effectively


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