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by Wavex Auto Care 06 May 2021 1 comment
Foam wash car shampoo

That’s a great question. Let’s dive into its functions and properties…

Foam wash shampoos get its name from its physical properties. These vehicle wash shampoo’s leave a thick white layer on the vehicle’s exterior surface that is similar in appearance to that of snow hence it is also called ‘snow foam shampoos’.

Snow foam shampoos are designed for softening the dirt and grime on your vehicle’s exterior car surface. So how does this happen? When you apply the snow foam solution onto your vehicle, its advanced suds stick to the dirt, grime and muck. When allowed to sit for a few minutes, it naturally starts dripping off the surface of your vehicle and in the process, takes down a substantial amount of dirt along with it. Its foam can handle the big particles that a regular car washing shampoo cannot, as it is more penetrative and ensures that dirt loosens fast and easily to leave the vehicle’s surface less prone to damage during the cleaning process.

When using a snow foam/ foam wash car shampoo, you will have to ensure that the car is properly covered in its foam so that the dirt loosens from its overall surface.

Generally, a good foam wash/ snow foam car shampoo will do most of the cleaning job for you on its own. Even if you do use a wash mitt or a microfiber cloth to wipe your vehicle’s surface, you wouldn’t have to put in as much of an effort wiping its surface as you would while using a traditional ‘non foaming shampoo’. This is one of the primary reasons why a snow foam shampoo is also referred to as a shampoo that provides you with a ‘touchless washing experience’.

While using a foam wash shampoo, you would have to ensure that you apply it on your vehicle under a shaded area to ensure that it doesn’t dry quickly.

An average car washing shampoo will often leave behind marks when it dries but a snow foam will not do so.

You should leave the snow foam on your car for about 10 to 15 minutes. That is how long it takes for the foam to do its magic and ensure that the car’s surface has no hard set dirt clinging on to it.

Many people usually dip a wash mitt or sponge in a bucket and apply a pretty good amount of pressure to the vehicle’s exterior surface. This causes scratches on the vehicle’s exterior and should be avoided. In case of the snow foam shampoos, it’s the foam that really does all the work to remove dirt. Only minimal to none scrubbing is required.

So how do we use a snow foam shampoo?

Good question! The answers is- With a pressure washer and a foam cannon/ lance.

If you normally wash vehicles with a bucket of water and car shampoo, you know that by the time you reach the last panel of your car, the water is usually pretty filthy. This does a lot more damage than good as you may be re-applying dirt.

Using a grit guard at the bottom of your bucket could help to keep your wash mitt clean by preventing it from touching dirt at the bottom but yet again, using a foam lance is a much better option.

Snow foam shampoos can be a bit tricky to use at first but with a bit of understanding, you’ll find that it helps make your car washing routine much easier and effective. You’ll need to use a pressure washer and a snow foam lance. The lance is a special nozzle that fits on the end of your pressure washer. It works with your pressure washer to pull your snow foam liquid into a stream of water, and it then pushes that solution through a mesh which converts the liquid snow foam into the thick, clingy foam.

A good pressure washer is that which has a minimum 1,800 psi to 3,200 psi and at least 1.75 gpm flow for optimal foam production and application.

The WaveX Foam Canon (Amazon: (Website: WaveX Foam Canon 3.0),is an amazing foam cannon that when paired with a foam wash shampoo provides you with unparalleled results. 

Since a foam cannon applies much more soap than a wash mitt ever could, you really don’t have to use any pressure at all when using a mitt after you’ve used a good foam cannon/ lance. You basically are just grazing the surface to assist the dirty foam from sliding off the surface.

Which is the best car foam wash/ snow foam shampoo out there?

Well honestly speaking, a pH neutral snow foam shampoo is generally gentler on your car’s paintwork, so it’s worth getting one especially if you own an expensive car or if your car needs to look its best for a special occasion. 

Our favourite is the WaveX Foam Wash Shampoo which is also referred to as the WaveX Foam Blaster Shampoo. It is a wonderful foam shampoo that does an excellent job at cleaning your vehicle without damaging its exterior surfaces and leaves your vehicle with a fresh peach fragrance. You could buy the product from our Amazon store ( or our website (WaveX Foam Wash Shampoo)

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14 Jun 2022 CAR. CAREZ
Am a carcwash & Detailling studio at Asansol Durgapur in west bengal

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