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by Wavex Auto Care 09 May 2023 0 Comments
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How much does it cost to take care of a car? A question that’s mostly on the minds of new car owners or individuals who are planning to purchase their first car. The answer to this question isn’t that complicated. The truth is that it really doesn’t cost one a lot of money to take care of their car. Keep reading below about Wavex Auto Care’s recommendations for effectively taking care of your car and making sure that you don’t end up spending or rather wasting a lot of money in the long run.

Get it serviced in a timely manner!

Whether you’ve purchased a new car or already have a car, this is one aspect where car owners get things terribly wrong. A car is a machine in the end and can encounter several minor or major problems that can be easily averted if a car owner gets their car serviced in a timely manner that is recommended as per its company/ dealership.

Sometimes, car owners tend to take things very lightly but when a particular component or part of the car gets damaged, it sets back the owner by a couple of grand which at times feels really bad.

Make sure you consult the professionals or relationship managers who work at your car’s authorised service centres regarding the recommended time or kilometres covered after which your car needs servicing. Spending a little amount on servicing and studiously following/ tracking the car’s service timeline will save you from major, preventable setbacks.

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Use excellent auto care products to maintain its looks

In an age where intellectuals are contemplating the formation of liveable colonies on other planets, if you continue wiping your car with a tattered house rag and washing it with water then dear car owner- you’re in for a lot of trouble!

Just by using excellent quality car shampoos for washing your car’s exteriors, car wax for shining and protecting your car’s exteriors, tyre polishes for providing your car’s tyres with an excellent high gloss shine, interior cleaners for cleaning the car’s interiors followed by an interior dresser to protect its interior components, you will be able to keep your car in showroom-like condition for a long period of time.

Today we have excellent washing centres and detailing studios at our doorsteps but do you know that availing premium services like deep cleaning and paint correction can be pretty expensive?

Just by using five basic products that have been recommended above, you can prevent damage to the car’s exteriors and interiors thus, saving to a great deal of time and money that you’d spend on expensive paint jobs or part replacements.

Another reason as to why one must use auto care products for maintaining their cars is because, it will help car owners fetch an impressive resale value if ever there comes a time when they contemplate selling their respective vehicles and upgrading to a new and better one.

Car care products aren’t really that expensive especially when we’re talking about those that are manufactured by Wavex Auto Care because Wavex products are used in a relatively lesser quantity than their counterparts.

Take the Wavex Wash + Wax Car Shampoo for example- For regular bucket washing, all you need to do is add 20 ml of the car shampoo to a car wash bucket filled with approximately 5 litres of water. So if you look at its 500 ml variant- you can wash your cars up to 20 times with just this variant.

For more such informative car care articles, make sure you visit the Wavex Auto Care website-

Similarly, take the example of the Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner + Protectant which is an interior dresser for a car’s interior plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components. You’d really just require 50 grams of this product to dress and protect the aforementioned interior components of your car. So if you talk about their product’s 1 Kg variant, you can apply it on your car’s interior components up to 20 times furthermore, it will condition the car’s interior components whilst preventing cracking, discolouration, dryness and damage. Isn’t that just wonderful?

P.S- Just for your knowledge, if you’re the owner of a Mercedes E Class who’s reading this article; did you know that its original leather seat covers can set you back by approximately 70K? Something that could be easily averted upon the regular use of the Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner + Protectant.

So by keeping the aforementioned points in your minds, you can spend a relatively small amount of money to take care of your car and keep it in to notch condition for several years.

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