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by Wavex Auto Care 09 May 2023 0 Comments
safest ways to wash a car

Car washing is the most integral part for any one irrespective of whether they are the owner of a car, owner of a car detailing studio or the owner of a professional car washing centre themselves.

Car washing is done to remove accumulated dust, dirt, grime and other unwanted superficial particles that have settled down on various exterior components of a car. Even despite a lot of advancements in the auto care industry, most people as of the time of writing and publishing this article still aren’t aware about the proper techniques required to effectively and safely wash a car.

Here, Wavex Auto Care shall discuss about the safest way to wash a car followed by the things that one would generally require to safely wash a car along with demystifying from myths related to car washing in the modern age.

Where does one often make a mistake while washing their car?

Well, for starters, the biggest mistake car owners make while washing their car is using unconventional methods, techniques, items and products. Let’s discuss unconventional products first.

The use of washing detergents, dish wash liquids, hand wash liquids, hair shampoos etc. can be termed as ‘unconventional’ products. Using these unconventional products can cause more damage than benefit in the long term.

Cars are made up of 4 layers of paint and each time you use unconventional auto care products; you are basically damaging the paint’s layer. Upon persistently doing so, there will come a time when the paint’s clear coat has completely worn off and its other layers will be completely exposed.

Other mistakes car owners make is using worn off household rags for both washing their respective cars and then drying it. Doing so proves to be an absolutely costly mistake for most car owners as their cars end up with unwanted scratches, swirls and hard water spots.

unconventional car washing method

So what’s the right way to wash a Car/Bike

Well for starters, using a dedicated car wash shampoo such as the Wavex Wash+ Wax Car Shampoo or the Wavex Wonder Wash Car & Bike Shampoo is recommended over using unconventional household washing liquids.

When you wouldn’t use a dish wash liquid to wash your face, why do you insist on using it for your car? Sure, the car’s surface or paint isn’t as delicate as your face but it is nonetheless delicate enough to have long-term adverse effects if you continue using dish wash gels.

Shampoos such as the Wavex Wash + Wax not only clean the car’s exteriors but also provide a wax-like natural shine to the car’s surface whilst simultaneously providing the car’s exterior painted surfaces with a butter smooth finish.

Using car shampoos in the two-bucket wash method also works wonders as this method not only ensures that a car is appropriately cleaned, but it also prevents the formation of unwanted swirls and scratches on the car’s paint as it uses professional car washing buckets and grit guards which help settle the sediments and dirt particles at the bottom of the car wash bucket.

woner wash car wash shampoo

Touchless Foam Wash(Car Washing)

For a touchless washing experience, a passionate car care enthusiast could use the Wavex Foam Blaster Car Shampoo or Wavex’s Coloured Foam Shampoos in a 1:9 ratio (1 part shampoo and 9 parts water) with the assistance of a pressure washer machine and a professional foam cannon. Foam washing allows for one to seamlessly wash and clean their respective cars while using little to minimal effort.

When it comes to car wash accessories, stop using those old, dirty and tattered rags instead, use recommended car wash accessories such as the Wavex Washing Sponge or the Wavex Lamb Wool Wash Mitts that effectively clean the car’s exteriors whilst ensuring that they do not damage the car’s exterior surfaces. Similarly, for drying a car, use a reliable car drying towel such as the Wavex Mighty Monster 1200 GSM Car Drying Towel that absorbs ten times its weight in water.

foam wash car bike wash shampoo
hybrid x waterless car wash
Pro tip: Using a rinse aid solution such as the Wavex Hybrid X will assist you to quickly dry your car and provide it with a very pleasant shine. When the Wavex Hybrid X is prepared and sprayed onto the wet surface of a car, it will provide an exquisite leverage to the Wavex Mighty Monster Drying Towel for safely and effectively drying your car.

Just by keeping the aforementioned points in your mind, you can safely and effectively wash your car.
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