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by Wavex Auto Care 05 Aug 2023 0 Comments

So you have recently purchased a new car and are very happy. At this point, you are driving your car very carefully making sure that you avoid all sorts of uneven roads, potholes and bumps to make sure that there is no damage on your car but, what are you doing for its exteriors? Surely you’re not thinking about simply dry-wiping it with an old rag are you?


What is the right way to take care for a new car’s exterior? It’s actually quite simple! Just read below to understand how using car care products can help you appropriately care for your new car’s exterior.

Car Washing - The Right Way

Wash your car with a dedicated car wash shampoo that appropriately removes dust and dirt while providing your car with a decent clean and natural shine post-washing. Many times, using unconventional washing liquids tend to do more harm than good as they might clean a car to an extent but will ruin its natural shine. Unconventional washing liquids such as hair shampoos, dish wash liquids and laundry wash liquids can leave the car’s paint dull in the long run. Using shampoos such as the Wavex Wonder Wash Car Shampoo for bucket washing and the Wavex Foam Blaster Car Shampoo for foam washing will properly clean your car while preserving its natural shine.


car washing shampoo

Car Drying

Believe it or not but car drying too is an important aspect of car care. If you don’t dry your new car in the right manner, it could lead to unnecessary hard water spots forming on its paint and glass. Using something as simple as a drying towel and a rinse aid could save you from the hassle of later eliminating hard water spots. The best drying towel that you can use for your car is none other than the Wavex Mighty Monster 1200 GSM drying towel which has the capacity to absorb up to 10 times its weight in water.

car drying image

Paint Protection

Using car waxes is probably the most effective way of maintaining a car’s shiny look. Car waxes come with many benefits such as providing a car’s exterior painted surfaces, headlights and chrome parts with a mirror-like shine and protection. Most traditional car waxes come with a hydrophobic layer of protection which also prevents the formation of hard water spots on a car’s paint during or after washing. Car waxes are very easy to use and can be applied by inexperienced car owners with a little guidance.


Going for ceramic coatings can help keep your car’s exterior shiny for a really long time. Ceramic coatings such as the Wavex 10H Graphene Ceramic Coatings are multi-surface compatible protective coatings that can last for a couple of years when maintained properly and provide an unmatched mirror-like shine plus paint protection. Ceramic coatings come with additional benefits such as heat resistance, frost resistance, anti-fouling, UV protection and more. The only thing about ceramic coatings is that it is not a DIY product and should only be applied with the assistance of a professional detailer.

car paint protection

Something for Tyres

What is the use of a car that has a shiny exterior yet unimpressive tyres? Unmaintained tyres tend to wear off quicker than those that have been properly looked after. If you really want to keep your tyres looking as good as new, you need to use dedicated tyre cleaners and tyre polishes such as the Wavex All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate followed by the Wavex Tyre Guard. Tyre polishes such as the 350ml variant of the Wavex Tyre Guard Tyre Polish provides a car’s tyres with an unmatched rich black shine. Its hydrophobic effects coupled with its innate ability to lubricate tyres will help save car owners from the hassle of prematurely replacing their car’s tyres. It is only advised that one uses the Wavex Tyre Guard after they’ve thoroughly cleaned your car’s tyres with the assistance of the Wavex All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate.

tyre polishing image

Don’t Forget Exterior Plastic & Trims

Ah yes, exterior plastic and trims simply cannot be ignored because they too are an important part of a car’s look and grace. Plastic trims tend to be extremely susceptible to fading and discolouration which is why it is important to use dressers such as the Wavex Silicone Glaze that provides a rich black shine. Using the Wavex Silicone Glaze at regular intervals will prevent premature discolouration and fading of trims.

silicone glaze polish
So the above suggested products are really all that you’d need in order to properly care you’re your new car’s exterior. We hope that you found this article informative. For more such informative articles related to car care visit the following link:
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