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by Wavex Auto Care 07 Sep 2023 0 Comments

What is car care?

The word car care is pretty self-explanatory. It means taking appropriate care of your car to make sure that it remains in working condition and looks the very best for as long as it’s in your possession. 

car care

What comprises car care?

Car care is a very vast topic that covers various maintenance aspects of its interiors and exteriors. In the following section, Wavex Auto Care shall only discuss some of the most important yet basic car care tips that you need to be aware of.

  • Initially, when a person purchases a new car, they’d receive a user manual from their respective car’s dealership. A car manual is usually taken pretty lightly by most car owners but it’s extremely important that one knows everything about their respective cars right from its components to its usage and safety features. A user manual will help you evade most problems that you’d encounter and will thus help you keep your car in optimal state.
  • Keeping a watchful eye on the tyre’s air pressure is another important aspect of car maintenance. The car runs on the tyres hence the tyres are a really important part of a car. Reduced air pressure can lead to various problems such as premature cracking and withering. It increases the chances of punctures in tyres. As soon as you notice that the air pressure of the tyre has dropped below recommended levels, immediately get the air refilled. Using dedicated tyre care products such as the Wavex All Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Concentrate for aptly cleaning the car’s tyres followed by using the Wavex Tyre Guard or the Wavex Matte Black Tyre Dresser will help keep the car’s tyres in top notch condition and shall also prevent premature tyre browning, discolouration and cracking. Another important point to keep in mind about the car’s tyres which most car owners do not take very seriously is that sometimes there could be metal objects, small pebbles or shards of glass stuck on the car’s tyres which could all potentially damage the car’s tyres overtime. One must regularly inspect their car’s tyres and remove such objects either themselves or with the assistance of an experienced serviceman. 
tyre care products
  • Car engines are an integral part of the car hence its maintenance and care are equally important. Dirt and dust accumulate on the engine’s surface over time and if the engine isn’t kept clean, it can have adverse effects. In case of oil leakages, when the engine oil mixes with this accumulated dust it leads to more problems. For those of you who had the misfortune of spending ridiculous sums of money on their replacement or repairs know what we’re talking about. Using dedicated engine cleaners and degreasers such as the Wavex All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser in a 1:5 dilution ratio (1 part concentrate and 5 parts water) at appropriate intervals will help keep engines extremely clean. Another beneficial product for the car’s engine is the Wavex Silicone Glaze which acts as an engine dresser. Using this product will provide the engine with a high gloss shine. For engines with a chrome finish, one can use the exquisite Chrome and Metal Polish from Wavex Auto Care for keeping them in an excellent condition. One must remember to only use these products on their car’s engines when the engine is absolutely cool to touch. 

car engine cleaner
  • Brake fluids are something that car owners must take care of. Brakes of a car and their ability to function smoothly depend upon the brake fluids. Without brake fluids, a car could lose its ability to stop at will which could lead to unforeseen mishaps. The car’s user manual can help you ascertain its adequate levels furthermore; one should keep a watch on the colour of the brake fluid. If it turns extremely dark, it indicates that it’s now time to get it changed. 
  • The 4 aforementioned points are something that most vehicle owners could do themselves however, there are some things that a car owner cannot do on their own. This is where designated service centres come into play. Every car comes with its own recommended service time which is usually determined based on the total number of kilometres it has travelled. Some cars may have a 5,000 km service requisite while others may have a 7,500 to 10,000 km service requisite. Getting your car serviced in a timely manner will ensure that the car runs and functions in a seamless manner. During servicing, the technicians would also inspect other parts, components and aspects of a car which an average vehicle owner wouldn’t thus, making sure that you are aware of any minor or major faults in your car that you could get rectified or replaced before it leads to major faults.
car service
  • The final aspect of overall car care is in its appearance. A well maintained car is generally one that has a wonderfully appealing appearance both inside and out. Maintaining a car’s appearance is only possible if one uses excellent car care products such as those that are manufactured by Wavex Auto Care. For a car’s exteriors, you should use excellent car wash shampoos such as the Wavex Wash + Wax or Wonder Wash Car Shampoo while bucket washing whereas, for foam washing, you can use the Wavex Foam Blaster Car Shampoo. Upon washing and drying your vehicle, you can opt for the Wavex Carnauba Wax or Premium Paste Wax for providing the car’s paint with a high gloss, mirror like finish + paint protection. As far as the interiors are concerned, using an interior cleaner such as the Wavex PLVR Cleaner + Sanitizer followed by the Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner + Protectant for providing the car’s interior plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components with a mild and natural shine and conditioning.      

Now that you’ve read this article, we’re pretty confident you know what car care is and how you should appropriately care for your car. For more informative topics related to car care and car care products, make sure that visit the learning segment of Wavex Auto Care’s official website which is

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