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by Wavex Auto Care 28 Mar 2023 0 Comments
car foam wash

Foam washing a car at home is no longer an unachievable dream thanks to the immense advancements in the auto care industry. Foam washing not only makes car and bike washing easy and convenient, it makes it a fun activity too. Sure, there are some passionate vehicle owners who like to get nitty and gritty with the regular bucket wash method however, there’s a different charm to washing cars using the foam wash method.

In order for one to wash their cars using the foam wash technique, you’d require the following:

  • A reliable pressure washer machine
  • A professional foam cannon
  • An excellent foam-washing shampoo

Pressure Washer Machines for Foam Wash

Pressure washer machines come in various designs, shapes, sizes and pressure capacity. There are many companies that manufacture pressure washer machines such as Bosch, Karcher, Resqtech, JPT, StarQ etc. The DIY compatible pressure washer machines can be attached to average/ most taps found in residential spaces while its power cable is connected to a nearby power plug/ source. It is the job of pressure washer machines to create an appropriate amount of water pressure required to generate a thick snow like foam. If you’re reading this article and haven’t yet purchased a pressure washer machine but would like to do so, just remember this point- irrespective of the pressure washer machine brand that you are looking to purchase just make sure that it has a BAR capacity equal to or greater than 200 BAR and you’ll be good to go.

pressure washer foam wash banner

Foam Cannons for Foam Wash

Believe it or not, foam cannons are responsible for shattering most vehicle owner’s foam washing dreams. How you ask? Well, the reason behind this is that most vehicle owners buy a pressure washer machine and use the foam cannons that they receive with the pressure washer machine. The problem with these ‘free foam cannons’ is that they are nothing but DIY cannons and not professional cannons which means that its mechanics will not generate snow like thick foam. Sure, it will dispense foam but it will be of watery consistency and not snow like thick. Using professional foam cannons such as Wavex Auto Care’s Foam Cannon 3.0 is recommended instead of the former DIY cannons that one receives with the pressure washer machines.

foam cannon foam wash

Foaming Shampoos for Foam Wash

The third and most important point for foam washing is using a reliable foaming shampoo and not something like dish wash liquids, laundry wash liquids or hair shampoos because this is your car or bike we’re talking about and not some inexpensive item. Why would you want to use something that would have adverse and detrimental effects on your vehicle in the long run? You should use the Wavex Foam Wash Car Shampoo which is the best and no.1 car foaming shampoo in the auto care industry. Available in a 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr and 20 ltr variants, this is a shampoo that is absolutely safe on the clear coats of your car. Its neither harmful on your hands while you are using it to wash your car neither is its runoff dangerous for the environment. While using it in foam cannons, its recommended ratio is 1:9 (1 part shampoo and 9 parts water). For touchless washing the usage ratio of the Wavex Foam Wash Can Shampoo is 1:4 and if that isn’t enough, Wavex Auto Care Also manufactures coloured foaming variants of it foaming shampoo in the form of the Wavex Blue, Yellow and Pink Foam Shampoo. The coloured foaming shampoos can be used to provide vehicle owners with a ‘fun wash experience’ due to it unconventional yet fun foaming colours and that’s not all….. These coloured foaming shampoos can be mixed to produce other foaming colours such as violet, orange and green.

foam wash shampoo
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