Protecting Vinyl & Rubber Components


Protecting Vinyl & Rubber Components

Materials needed:

  • Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner plus Protectant
  • Micro fiber cloth
  • Foam Pad

Exposure of plastic parts and vinyl seats, interior doors, dashboards and other trim parts will fade over a period of time due to the heat from sunlight as well as ultraviolet rays which can discolor, fade, and crack vinyl surfaces.

Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner plus Protectant is a water soluble product and formulated to be applied in small portions on a foam pad and carefully applying it to the surface of your dashboard, vinyl seats, and door panels. Allow several minutes for the product to be absorbed into the surface being treated. Wipe off any excess with a micro fiber cloth or soft terry towel. You will produce a satin luster that reduces glare and restores the natural sheen of vinyl and rubber.

Use of the product on rubber grommets, rubber door gaskets, and other rubber parts maintains and restores suppleness and vitality to the rubber and protects against drying out, premature aging, and cracking.

Repetitive use of the product will saturate the vinyl and rubber so the amount of absorption will diminish over successive applications. Please note this product can be used for both interior and exterior use.

When used on the exterior, best to use after washing as the washing of your vehicle will reduce some of the residual effect of the protectant on the surface of the treated material because it is water soluble. However, a very quick application of the product will continue to protect the vinyl and rubber from fading and drying out.

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