With Wavex- Why less is more?


Wavex Auto CareApplying wavex carnauba wax, vinyl and rubber protectants, leather treatment, and waxes is hardly a difficult skill.

Using wavex products sparingly produces stunning results. We’ll explain why less is more.

When you use wavex products, you are using products which are formulated with high quality ingredients which, because of their nature and composition, require only modest amounts of product for outstanding results.

When cleaners are used, start with only a small amount which you can handle in cleaning the surface footprint you intend to prepare for a protectant or wax. It is too easy to use too much. Using too much ends up being a waste of what you need to do the job. You can always use more.

The care and feeding of moisturizing ingredients to the vinyl or leather is important for the suppleness, pliability, and longevity of the material: vinyl, rubber, or leather. When protectants or treatments are applied, watch the absorption rate of the product on the surface.  Keep reapplying the product until the surface identifies that the leather or vinyl has reached a saturation point as any further application will only be wasted. Wipe off any excess when this limit has been reached. Subsequent applications should be implemented in the same manner.

Applying wavex carnauba wax, after all the surface prep is completed, one needs to use a foam applicator. This type of applicator substantially reduces the amount of wax being carried and being applied to the paint or clearcoat finish. Remember, probably only one ten-thousandth of and inch of wax actually adheres to the surface during an application.

All wavex products are designed and formulated to give excellent results with modest effort.

Simply it's skin care for your car.  With Wavex, less is more.

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