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by Wavex Auto Care 07 Apr 2023 0 Comments
ceramic coating

Should I apply ceramic coating to my car? Are there any benefits of applying ceramic coatings to cars? Why should I apply ceramic coating to my car? These are a couple of questions that come to the minds of most vehicle owners these days which is why we’ve decided to discuss this topic in great lengths. Through this article, we will aim at answering most of your questions while informing you about the benefits of applying ceramic coatings on car.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are a type of semi-permanent coatings that can last anywhere between 1 to 5 years. Ceramic coatings form a superficial layer of protection above the clear coats of vehicles which offers a superior protection to the car’s original clear coat and paint.

ceramic coating

Who are ceramic coatings for?

If you own a glossy painted car and a bike and would like to preserve its showroom like finish for several years then ceramic coatings are for you. The beauty of excellent ceramic coatings is that it adds an unbelievable gloss and finish to the car or bike it is applied to which looks even better than that of its finish at the car’s dealership.

What are the benefits of applying ceramic coatings to cars?

Premium ceramic coatings such as Wavex Auto Care’s 10H Graphene Ceramic Coating has a life of up to 5 years when it is applied in an apt manner. The Wavex 10H Graphene Ceramic Coating offers unmatched paint correction along with impeccable hydrophobicity which prevents the formation of unwanted hard water spots. Wavex’s ceramic coating is absolutely hard which is why its successful application would prevent the formation hairline scratches and swirl marks in the vehicle’s painted surfaces. The Wavex 10H Graphene Ceramic Coating is a multi-surface coating that can be applied to a cars plastic, chrome, glass, rubber components besides painted surfaces. This brilliant ceramic coating has other benefits such as heat resistance, UV protection, frost protection, fouling resistance and more.

ceramic coatings

What is the process of applying ceramic coatings?

ceramic coating

Well, firstly, you must understand that application of ceramic coatings isn’t child’s play. It is an arduous task that requires a great attention to detail. Now you must be wondering- “well, I’m a seasoned car owner with ample experience in car detailing. Surely this is going to be a walk in the park for me”. Well, we hate to break it to you but no, it’s not going to be a walk in the park for you because, application of ceramic coatings requires an enclosed space that is free from dust, dirt and contamination furthermore, the car or bike need to be prepped with products such as the Wavex Strip Wash Shampoo, Wavex Iron and Fallout Remover, Wavex Clay Bar + Clay Spray, Wavex Rubbing Compounds (Hard, Medium and Final Finish. As per the correction that is needed/ required) and the coating prep spray. Once the ceramic coating has been appropriately applied to the vehicle’s exterior surfaces, it requires time to cure. Natural curing would require anywhere between 24 to 48 hours during summers. For quicker curing, professional detailers use curing lamps or lights which allows them to dry the ceramic coating within a couple of hours. All of these factors clearly state that a vehicle owner should never apply the ceramic coatings themselves rather, should take the assistance of a professional detailer.

“So does it mean that I should do nothing else after the application of ceramic coatings?”

Well, it’s not that simple. Ceramic coatings are not some sort of magic coatings which when applied put an end to the use of auto care chemicals. Ceramic coating too require a certain amount of care and maintenance. You cannot just simply neglect the coating even though you know that it will provide your car with some unbelievable paint protection features but its maintenance won’t prove to be a hassle either. All one needs to use on their car’s exterior coated surfaces are the Wavex Graphene Ceramic Wash Shampoo for effectively washing their ceramic coated vehicle followed by the Wavex Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax for its protection.

So should you apply ceramic coatings to your vehicles? Of course you should and believe us when we say that you’ll definitely thank us for the advice but remember- get it only done through the assistance of a professional detailer.  

ceramic coating
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