How to use Rubbing Compounds?

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Wavex Rubbing compounds comes in different cutting grades and they should always be used in conjunction.

Step 1 Compounds : Hard Cut

Wavex Hard Cut compounds, Extremely high abrasion and fast removal of sanding marks, No dust formulation and silicone free.Works best both with manual and machine use. Ideal for professional vehicle detailing.

After completion of job with Wavex Hard cut compound, surface will turn cloudy and will be ready for next compound wavex medium cut

Step 2 Compound : Medium Cut

Wavex Medium Cut compound offers an optimum combination with the removal of sanding marks and gloss production on automotive clear coats. Removes scratches oxidation and paint defects. Medium cut plus polish. Works best both with manual and machine use. Can also be used for rubbing to any pu paint surface

Its a correction compound and will remove the haziness produced by wavex hard cut upto much extent and will deliver shine to the surface.

Step 3 Compound: Final Finish

Incredible swirl remover for perfect gloss. Super fine abrasives for removing fogging and micro scratches. Final finish paint compound. Can also be used for rubbing to any pu paint surface

Its a final finish compound and will leave the surface with that ever needed high gloss final results.

Important Instruction

Its not that every time you should start the job of abrasive with Wavex Hard Cut - Medium Cut- Final Finish. but it fully depends upon the condition of the surface. If the condition of the surface is extremely neglected or highly contaminated you should start with Wavex Heavy Cut else you can also start with Wavex Medium Cut Compound skipping the step 1, or you can also start with Wavex Final Finish if only light contamination is present.

Also note, if you have used Wavex Heavy Cut on the surface, You must have to complete it with Wavex Medium Cut and Wavex Final Finish to get the final results.

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