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by Wavex Auto Care 04 Aug 2023 0 Comments
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Can I wax my car every week? Well the answer to it is yes and no. Confused?!!? Don’t be! Just continue reading below to find out the real reason for the above answer…

Why no Car Wax?

Is it because waxes are harsh on cars? No, they’re not. Waxes, especially excellent quality car waxes are used to provide cars with a mirror-like finish/ shine. Car waxes such as the Wavex Premium Paste Wax offer unmatched paint protection and can be used on various exterior components of cars such as their glossy painted surfaces, chrome components and headlights.

Car waxes provide the car with a property that is known as ‘hydrophobicity’. It is due to this very property of car waxes that water coming in contact with a car’s surface where the wax has been applied doesn’t stay on the car’s surface rather, slides off seamlessly or stays suspended in the form of very fine water droplets which makes it absolutely easy to dry the car’s surface with an excellent car drying towel such as the Wavex Mighty Monster Drying Towel.

Car waxes such as the Wavex Premium Paste Wax provide the car’s exterior surfaces with protection against UV rays which enables it to fight off the damaging effects of UV rays such as paint oxidation, discolouration and damage. Another benefit of using car waxes is that it also provides the car’s applied surfaces protection against rusting and corrosion.

Well then if waxes have such great benefits and effects then why can’t they be applied every week? The reason they can’t or to rephrase it- they shouldn’t be because premium waxes such as the Wavex Premium Paste wax last on the car’s exterior surfaces for 3 to 4 weeks so using it every week doesn’t really make any sense. A car owner should only apply this wax on their car’s surface once its effects have naturally worn off.

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Pro Tip: Using a ‘wax complimenting’ car shampoo such as the Wavex Wash + Wax Car shampoo can also further prolong the effects of applied waxes as the Wavex Wash + Wax Car Shampoo consists of Carnauba Wax and Polymers which further benefit the wax.

Ok, but why yes to car wax?

Well, when you use poor quality, underperforming waxes, you’d need to apply them every week. There are some car waxes that wear off after simple car washes. So for such cases and instances, you’d have to apply car waxes every week. If you look at it in the long run; when you’re using such a car wax that easily wears off, what kind of protection is it going to offer your car? Practically nothing! Sure, you may be using this kind of wax for a while now because you think that its giving your car a very satisfactory gloss but why rely on such kinds of unreliable car waxes? Make the right choice and stick to a car wax that is genuinely priced and performs exceptionally well such as Wavex’s range of automotive waxes.           

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Pro tip: The advantage that Wavex Auto Care has over other conventional auto care brands is that it has a vast range of products from each category. Take waxes for example- Wavex has general auto care waxes such as the Wavex Carnauba Wax, Premium Paste Wax, Spray Wax, Ceramic Seal Wax and specialised waxes developed just for ceramic coated cars and bikes such as the Wavex Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax and the Wavex Ceramic Liquid Wax.    

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