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by Wavex Auto Care 04 Aug 2023 0 Comments
drying the car

‘How do you dry a car after washing it?’; such an article or question seems quiet juvenile however, it’s an important topic to discuss as most car owners aren’t properly drying their cars which are leading to a whole host of preventable problems on the car’s exteriors.

natural car dry

Can’t I just let my car naturally dry?

A lot of car owners get things terribly wrong when they allow their respective cars to air dry. Water isn’t what it used to be around 5 decades ago. Due to several reasons such as contamination related to human activity, the quality of water has drastically reduced. Even if there are certain areas where the quality of water is good, they still tend to contain high amounts of miscellaneous minerals which may or may not necessarily be beneficial.

When such mineral-dense water is used to wash your car and is subsequently allowed to air dry, it will leave behind spots that are known as ‘hard water spots’. There are several products that can help remove fresh hard water spots such as the Wavex Glass Polish + Hard Water Spots Remover however when such hard water spots are left untreated, they could lead to permanently etched hard water spots.

Other adverse effects of practicing this method of drying is the formation of rusting and corrosion on metal components.

So how to properly dry a car after washing it?

The proper and recommended method of drying a car is through the use of dedicated drying towels. One such dedicated drying towel is the Wavex Mighty Monster 1200 GSM Drying towel. This towel has been specifically developed for drying a car’s exterior surface after washing.

It holds 10 times its weight in water which means that this car drying towel will be able to lift copious amounts of water within a single wipe. The Wavex Mighty Monster 1200 GSM Drying Towel has luxuriously soft and plush microfiber threads per square centimetre which provides a lint-free drying experience that will not leave behind water streaks.  

microfiber cloth towel 1200 gsm

What about other microfiber towels?

We can’t speak for other auto care brands but, at Wavex Auto Care we provide clients with various options in microfiber towels that have been specifically developed for various purposes. The best drying towel is the one that we’ve recommended above but if you’re adamant on using a general all-purpose microfiber towel such as the Wavex 350 GSM microfiber towel then you could use something known as a ‘rinse aid’ along with it.

As its name suggests, the purpose of a rinse aid is to assist a car owner in quickly drying their wet cars after they’ve been washed. Rinse aids such as the Wavex Hybrid X act as a waterless wash, spray wax and quick detailer too.

When one sprays the Wavex Hybrid X on the car’s wet surface, it quickly reacts with water. The wet area where the Hybrid X has been sprayed will see water droplets quickly dropping down. In such a case, even if an all-purpose 350 gsm microfiber towel is used, it will nonetheless do an impressive job in drying the car.

The wonderful thing about the Wavex Hybrid X is that once it has dried your vehicle, it will also leave behind a very pleasant wax-like natural shine.

A similar alternative to this product is the Wavex Ceramic Seal Wax. You can watch this unbelievable product in action by clicking here-

Drying towels and a whole host of car and bike care products are available at

Go check it out!

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