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by Wavex Auto Care 04 Aug 2023 0 Comments

At Wavex Auto Care, we often get asked the question- Is a car polish better than wax? To answer this question accurately, one must first understand what a car polish and a car wax is? What is a car polish and a car wax used for? Which is better, a car polish or a car wax and what should you use for your car- a car polish or a car wax?

car polish vs car wax

What is a car polish?

Car polishes are automotive polishes that are used for glossy painted cars and bikes. Car polishes are often equipped with diminishing abrasives unlike their counterparts- i.e. rubbing compounds. Rubbing compounds have varying range of abrasives with varying grit strength and are mostly used by professional car detailers for major paint correction. Due to the presence of light to diminishing abrasives, car polishes can also be used by seasoned detailing enthusiasts along with professional detailers. Car polishes tend to provide a car or bike’s glossy painted surfaces with a shine whilst removing light to minor paint defects. Generally, car polishes could be used both by hand or with the assistance of a machine however, using car polishes with the assistance of polisher machines will provide much better results.

What is a car wax?

Car waxes are categorised under ‘automotive waxes’. Waxes are used to provide the car’s exterior painted surfaces, chrome components and headlights with a layer of protection and gloss. Car waxes such as the Wavex Carnauba Wax, are a by-product of carnauba leaves. Car waxes when applied appropriately, tend to provide the car’s aforementioned exterior surfaces with a high gloss mirror like finish followed by protection against water, UV rays, corrosion, discolouration and more. Car waxes can be applied both manually and with the assistance of polisher machines.

car wax

What is the difference between a car polish and wax?

There are many differences between car polishes and waxes. Car polishes tends to consist of minor abrasives however, car waxes do not contain abrasives. Car polishes remove minor contaminants and paint defects whereas, the job of a car wax is to provide the car’s exterior surfaces with protection which a car polish cannot do. Both car polishes and car waxes provide a pleasant shine to the car’s exterior painted surfaces however, car polishes do not provide a layer of hydrophobicity which a most premium car waxes can. Polishes such as the Wavex Scratch Cleaner can remove minor hairline scratches which a wax cannot do.

Which is better? Car polish or wax?

Well, it’s really not about which products is better than the other rather, it entirely depends upon the purpose that one would like to use these products for. As stated in the section above; these are both two different products with unique properties so saying/ concluding that one is better than the other wouldn’t really make sense.

What should I use for my car? A polish or a wax?

If all that one wants to do is provide the car’s glossy painted surfaces with a shine whilst removing minor paint imperfections then one should opt for a car polish however, if one wants to provide their car’s exterior painted surfaces, headlights and chrome components with a mirror-like gloss while providing a layer of protection then the right option to opt for would be a car wax. 

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