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by Wavex Auto Care 12 Aug 2023 0 Comments
protecting car engine

A car’s engine is one of its most important components which is why you must make sure that your car’s engine is always protected. If you don’t know how to protect your car’s engine and want to truly find out how you can protect your car’s engine, then you’ve arrived at just the right place because Wavex Auto Care is going to teach you just how you can safely and effectively do it!

A car’s engine is its heart and soul and is responsible for running the car. The car’s internal combustion engine converts heat energy that is generated when its fuel is burned into torque. This torque is then transferred to the wheels which in turn makes the car’s tyres/ wheels move. It is safe to say that a car’s engine does a lot of work and is constantly subjected to various other things besides heating such as dust, dirt, grease, oil etc.

Keeping the car’s engine in its optimal state both functionally and appearance vies is thus extremely important. Any major faults in the car’s engine due to negligence and ill maintenance can set you back by a couple of grand. So what can you do to protect your car’s engine?

The following are a couple of steps that you should follow in order to protect your car’s engine and maintain in in the long run:

Cooling System

Coolants and an engine’s cooling system helps maintain its temperature and prevents the engine from overheating during use. Coolants are usually coloured fluids (orange, green etc.) that have to be kept at adequate levels in the car’s engines. If the levels of coolants drop and your car’s engine is subjected to constant overheating, it could lead to a whole host of problems for you thus ‘burning a hole in your pocket’.

car engine cooling system

Air Filters

The human body has a system for filtering air in the body and in the blood similarly, car engines consist of air filters whose job is to keep the engine clean by preventing debris, dust, particles and dirt from entering it. Over a certain time period, dust and dirt could completely block or clog the engine’s air filters thus preventing them from doing their designated job. It is important for a car owner to also have a look at their engine’s air filters and get them replaced in a timely manner.

Air Filters

Engine Oil

The purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the engine’s parts thus ensuring that they run and function smoothly. Engine oils must be changed at regular intervals or under their designated time frame as mentioned in the car’s instruction manual. Engine oil is usually changed by the car’s designated service centres hence make sure you speak to the service centre managers to discuss this.


Reserve Fuel

Fuel whether its petrol or diesel tends to have minute sediments or contaminants in it which gets accumulated at the bottom of the engine over the years. While your car runs on the engine’s reserve fuel, these sediments are picked up by the engine leading to unwanted internal damage in the engine. Always remember to keep a watchful eye on the fuel indicator and avoid operating your car on its reserve fuel.

Warning Indicators

If you see an engine icon appear or blink on the instrument cluster which is usually an orange-coloured indicator near the speedometer, you mustn’t ignore it. It indicates a problem in the car’s engine which could be related to the engine’s temperature, battery, alternator or other engine parts. Consult the car’s service centre managers immediately and get the engine’s problem rectified at the earliest.

warning fuel indicator

Leakages and Dirt

Leakages and accumulated dirt in the engine can lead to a whole host of problems. When engine oil and dirt mix together, they create an unbearable mess which could lead to blockages, problems in the engine’s filters and can hamper the overall performance and function of the engine in the long run which is why it is absolutely essential to clean and maintain the car’s engine at regular intervals. This is done with the assistance of two really convenient auto care products namely- the Wavex All Purpose Cleaner and Degrease followed by the Wavex Silicone Glaze multi-surface dresser.

The Wavex All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is prepared in a 1:5 dilution ration (1 part concentrate and 5 parts water). The prepared solution is then sprayed on the soiled/ dirty engine generously and is left for a couple of seconds. It starts to loosen the dirt and grime after a couple seconds which is when, one must use an appropriate detailing brush to generously scrub it. Once that is done, one can thoroughly rinse the engine with water to reveal a clean engine.

As far as the Wavex Silicone Glaze is concerned, it can either be used in a 1:1 dilution ratio or directly on the car’s engine. It is applied with the assistance of the Wavex Black Foam Applicator and the extra residue is lifted with the assistance of a microfiber towel. The Wavex Silicone Glaze provides a high shine finish and provides the engine with an absolutely pleasant new-like finish.

Using these products helps keep the car’s engine in pristine condition but one must remember to only use these products on their car’s engines when it is absolutely cool to touch. One must at all costs, avoid using these engine care products when it is hot.  

All purpose cleaner wavex
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