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by Wavex Auto Care 08 Apr 2023 0 Comments
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Have you ever wondered what is hydrophobicity? What are the benefits of hydrophobicity? Why should one make their car’s surface hydrophobic and how to make your car’s surface hydrophobic? If yes, then continue reading as Wavex Auto Care shall answer these questions and more through this article.

What is hydrophobicity?

Hydrophobicity is a term that defines water repellence. The term ‘hydrophobic’ is defined as the fear of water whereas the term hydrophobicity denotes the effect or ability to repel water altogether. When a surface has a hydrophobic effect, it will not allow for water to settle on it rather, hydrophobicity will ensure that if that particular surface does in fact come in contact with water, the water will seamlessly glide off its surface or form very tiny superficial droplets that will not make the actual surface wet.

What is the purpose and benefit of hydrophobicity?


By reading the section above, you must have understood the concept of hydrophobicity but a question might still be arising in your mind- what is the purpose of hydrophobicity and why do I need hydrophobicity for my car?

Water and its quality isn’t what it used to be a century ago. The taste, quality and even the pH of water has drastically changed in some parts of the globe furthermore, water these days tends to have a lot of minerals present in it which leads to problems such as scaling on not just cars but other surfaces too. These hard minerals that are present in the water are the reason behind the formation of hard water spots.  

When a layer of hydrophobicity is added to a car or any other surface for that matter, it will not allow water to settle on its surface thus preventing hard water spots.

Accumulation of water at metallic surfaces and components can also lead to rusting besides hard water spot formation and when any surface isn’t protected, it may eventually lead to permanent damage in the form of permanently etched hard water spots or irreversible damage due to rusting.

Similarly, if a car or a bike isn’t protected with apt auto care products that make it hydrophobic, the car or bike too will encounter the aforementioned problems of rusting and hard water spots formation.

How to make the car’s surface hydrophobic at home?

hydrophobic car at home

Well that’s pretty easy; you can make various car surfaces hydrophobic by using specialised auto care products manufactured by Wavex Auto Care for each component. Some of these hydrophobicity providing products are as follows:

Hydrophobicity for the car’s body

Using Wavex’s range of car waxes such as the Wavex Carnauba Wax or the Wavex Premium Paste Wax will help provide your car with not only a mirror like finish but hydrophobicity too. Car waxes are applied to the car’s painted surfaces, headlights and chrome components with the assistance of an applicator pad in an extremely thin layer. It is left to dry on the car’s surface till it turns the car’s surface hazy after which a microfiber towel or a polisher machine could be used to buff the surface to reveal a high gloss, hydrophobic effect. Waxes tend to last for 3 to 4 weeks after which they naturally wear off which is when you can wash your car and reapply the wax.

Pro tip: For cars that are ceramic coated, Wavex Auto care recommends using the Wavex Maxximus Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax or the Wavex Ceramic Seal Wax that has been specifically developed to protect ceramic coatings on cars and provide ceramic coated cars with a high gloss, hydrophobic effect


What if I want something that lasts longer than waxes?

Great question! Then Wavex recommends its Paint Sealant which is applied exactly the way one would apply waxes however, its effects upon successful application can last up to 6 months. After the application of the Wavex Paint Sealant, one could also apply Wavex’s range of car waxes after a span of 72 hours from application of the paint sealant for an added layer of gloss and protection.

What if I don’t have the time to apply waxes?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you’re a busy bee but love your car nonetheless, use the Wavex Ceramic Seal Wax which is a wet wax that activates with water. It doesn’t require the manual efforts that you’d require while using car waxes. Simply wash your car with a Wavex Car Wash Shampoo. Once you’ve rinsed off the shampoo solution with water, spray the Wavex Ceramic Seal Wax directly on the car’s wet exterior and wipe it off with the assistance of a wet microfiber cloth. Later, take a dry microfiber cloth and buff the car’s exterior to reveal a high gloss and instant hydrophobic finish.

What about glass and windshields?

Yup, glass and windshields cannot be ignored which is why Wavex Auto Care has developed the Wavex Glass Polish + Hard Water Spot Remover. As its name suggests, this auto care product has been developed to remove fresh hard water spots off of the car’s glass and windshields and can also be used to remove fresh hard water spots off of a car’s painted surfaces. This product provides partial hydrophobicity which then prevents the formation of fresh/ new hard water spots on a car’s glass and windshield. To watch this product in action, check out its video on the Wavex Auto Care YouTube Chanel by searching

Pro tip: What if you’d like an overall hydrophobic layer of protection that will include other components such as plastic trims, rubber components. wheels etc.? Well for that there is an option in the form of the Wavex 10H Graphene Ceramic Coating that is a multi-surface coating which will last for up to 5 years when applied in an appropriate manner. This isn’t a DIY product and is a professional product that should only be applied to a car with the assistance of a professional detailer.

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