What is Microfiber Cloth, why it is Good for your CAR?


Microfiber cloth… Some have claimed it to be the best thing in the cleaning industry. For those of you out there that don’t exactly know a lot about this 8th wonder of the cleaning sphere, make sure you read this article till the very end.

MicroFiber Cloth uses

What is Microfiber?

It’s a material that is basically a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamides. It is called microfiber because upon closely examining the cloth you will see that it has several tiny loops of yarn visible in it. What makes the microfiber cloths so soft and fine is that it has been manufactured in a very unique manner.

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To put it into laymen perspective, imagine holding a tiny piece of yarn in your hands. Now imagine that it has been sliced from the middle for more than a hundred times. The end product after you’ve gone through this seemingly arduous and impossible task with be several hundred strands of very fine and soft yarn strands that would be even softer and finer than the human hair. Upon rolling these fine strings of yarn/ fiber and place it on a plain surface, it would produce microfiber.  That is exactly the reason for a microfiber cloth’s fineness.

This uniqueness makes it absolutely incredible at capturing dust, dirt, and (some would argue) even bacteria. It captures more dust than a regular towel thus cleans the surface in better way.

Absorbency properties of microfiber cloth

As mentioned earlier, it has a superior absorbency property and it won’t even leave those annoying strands of lint behind. Unlike your conventional wiping towels, rags and even in some instances (we know you have been guilty of this crime at some point of your life) old t-shirts that will only wipe the upper surface, microfiber cloths will not leave any lines or streaks of dirt or dust behind.

How is the thickness of the microfiber cloth measured?

Its thickness is measured in gsm (grams per square meters). Now what does this mean for you? Well to put it in simple terms, the more the gsm number is, thicker and heaver your cloth is going to be which means that its cleaning an absorbing quality is going to be that much superior.

Application and Uses of Microfiber

  • To Clean a car
  • To clean Bike
  • To clean Display/Screen
  • To Clean Kitchen
  • To Clean Glass
  • To Clean Floor

What is the best way to use microfiber cloths?

Let’s take an example of WaveX Dashboard and Leather conditioner and protectant. Since it is in its very right, already a powerful and effective product for cleaning the dashboards, leather seats, and rubber products within your vehicle, when it is paired with something as fine and effective such as the WaveX Microfiber cloth, you wouldn’t have to use a lot of the dashboard solution. Simply using two drops of it on the microfiber cloth and gently applying and rubbing it to the surface that you desire to clean will give you the best results.

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