Why you should use car care products?


Will you be surprised by the fact that an average age of Indian car on road is approx. 10 years? Probably not. That is why, this long term commitment comes with the responsibility of protecting and maintaining your car. Don’t let your mind wander to the old detergent and water. Because that won’t do the job! Don’t worry! Compare your car to a long term investment. Maintaining it well will make you look good as well as will pay dividends down the road when the time comes to sell, fetching higher resale value. They are no one but the everyday elements like rain, sun, pollution, weather, bird droppings,etc. which damage the surface of the car and accelerates its wear and tear. But with the use of car care products, the process of the car of losing its original luster definitely slows down to restore its showroom look!

Car care products are the true remedy for dull and fading paint, fine scratches, car rust and the restoration of wax, which won’t be possible with the old household cleaners like dish-washing detergent etc. they contains higher concentration of strong chemicals that are harmful for your car’s protective wax/paint/rubber, etc.

Car Detail

Talking about the exteriors, harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions and even parking your car under a tree which makes it a target for insects and birds are the main culprits. All this fades your car’s paint making it dull and old. You don’t have to pay a lot during the service of your car next time, if you are consistent with the care. Exterior care includes paint care, wheel and tyre care, exterior trim and windshield and glass care. 

If you spend a lot of time in your car, then your interiors would be a living room for you. In that case, interior care is equally important as exterior. Because let’s be honest, a simple car perfume and an old cleaning cloth can’t give you a satisfactory result for a long time. Interior care involves a lot of things like the plastic and the wooden work, cleaning the mats and the leather, mirrors, etc. Regular cleaning and vacuuming is necessary but not sufficient! Deep cleaning is necessary down the road to maintain the durability of your expensive interiors. Again a caution to not use cheap household products as they pose the danger of changing your fabric’s color/texture. Car detailing is akin to its simple skin care routine for your car which can be scarred for life if not well attended to!

Investing in good quality car care products won’t dig a hole in your pocket because higher quality often means fewer applications and outstanding results! We believe that your car is not just a mere asset/investment for you but your pride and joy. It is for your road trips, off road adventures, long drives, car parties and your companion/savior in your busy schedule and heavy traffic. It definitely deserves more than just water and old cloth!

In case, we have made up your mind, then look no further than our Wavex range of car care products which comes with the promise of best quality and affordable prices. Just like you put a lot of brains in choosing your body care, the same applies for car care. Whether you are a detailer, hobbyists or car care enthusiast, we have got you covered. From auto detailing products to polishes and waxes, we deliver the best.


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