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by Wavex Auto Care 06 Sep 2023 0 Comments
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What is a clay bar? How is a clay bar used? What is the purpose of a clay bar? Why should I use a clay bar? Who should use a clay bar? Such questions and many more shall be answered in this article so keep reading!

What is a clay bar?

Similar to the clay that little children play with, a detailing clay bar is basically a clay that comes in various colours, most commonly in white and blue. Unlike the clay kids play with, detailing clay bars are relatively harder and are purely meant for detailing purposes.

Why are clay bars used on cars?

Well, the real reason why clay bars are used is to remove contamination off of the vehicle’s exterior surfaces, especially its painted surfaces. You see, over time, contaminants tend to settle on the car’s exterior surfaces which sometimes may not even be visible but can be felt in the form of roughness.

In other instances, contamination can be seen in the form of yellow coloured iron particles that leave the car’s exterior glossy painted surfaces with a roughness and yellow spots that are prominently visible, especially on white coloured cars.

When clay bars are appropriately used on a car, they leave the car’s exterior components with a silky smooth, contamination-free surface which also partially improves the look of the vehicle’s paint.

wavex clay bar with text creative

How to use a clay bar? Where can they be used?

Clay bars are generally used with lubricating agents/ chemicals such as the Wavex Clay Lubricant Spray. A small piece of clay is first broken from the main clay bar and is flattened between the palms. The Wavex Clay Lubricant Spray is then generously sprayed across one section of the components that one wishes to detail after which, the flattened clay bar is gently glided in a straight, linear motion.

This process is repeated section vies until the entire car has been aptly covered after which the left over residue is either washed off or is lifted with the assistance of a clean, soft and dry microfiber towel.

Clay bars are recommended only on the exterior glossy painted surfaces of cars followed by their chrome and glass components.

clay lube spray

Who can use clay bars?

Well frankly speaking, when one talks about professional grade detailing clay bars such as those available at Wavex Auto Care, they are generally recommended for professional car detailers who have the apt knowledge and experience of detailing a car however, seasoned car owners with several years of DIY detailing experience can aptly use detailing clay bars too.

How often can I use a clay bar?

That’s a really good question and an important one nonetheless. Detailing clay bars shouldn’t be used at regular intervals and should only be used bi-annually, annually or only when the car has been covered in extremely heavy contaminants. It wouldn’t be practical to use it or consider using it similarly to other auto detailing products that are used on a frequent basis. This product lies in an entirely different category and shouldn’t be mistaken for any other kind of detailing product.


Professional car detailers can also use the Wavex Iron and Fallout Remover before using detailing clay bars to get half the job done. Iron and fallout remover will take care of 70% of the job while the rest will be taken care of the Wavex Detailing Clay Bars.

wavex clay bar with packaging

Wavex provides buyers with the option to purchase detailing clay bars, clay lubricant sprays or detailing clay bar kits from its website


Pro tip: Wavex Auto Care also has an option for buyers to purchase clay microfiber cloths that work similarly to detailing clays. Detailing professionals could also use these microfiber cloths to remove contaminants from their client’s cars.

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