Which rubbing compound are the best for cars?

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Ah yes, rubbing compounds…. The good old partner of detailers/ detailing professionals and the arch nemesis of minor scratches, swirls, oxidation and paint imperfections. The very invention of automotive rubbing compound brought a great revolution in the auto care industry and since its inception, many amazing companies such as WaveX Auto Care have worked/ contributed towards its betterment/ advancement.

Looking for the Best Rubbing Compound for your car?

In the auto care industry, there are several options available at a professional’s dispense however, it is quite surprising for us to see that even detailing veterans are seldom unaware or unsure as to which rubbing compounds would be best suited for a vehicle’s paint correction?

Through this article, WaveX Auto Care would try to debunk several age old concepts that are followed by auto detailers even to this date and try to educate detailing professionals in the appropriate use of ’apt’ rubbing compounds.

What is the science of rubbing compounds?

A vehicle’s paint, specifically a car’s paint is made up of 4 layers consisting of a base coat, primer, paint coat and clear coat. Scratches vary in terms of their depth and impact caused on a vehicle’s paint. Some scratches are able to only penetrate the clear coat or the top coat whereas, in some unfortunate circumstance, the impact of scratches on the car’s painted surfaces are so prominent that they go right through all 4 layers of a car’s paint in turn, exposing the vehicle’s metal body (*YIKES*).

Rubbing compounds 

are not a wizard’s magic or a sort of sorcery; they consist of micro abrasives that work at a molecular level to safely lift minor swirls and scratches. The abrasives present in rubbing compounds remove a certain amount of paint from the paint’s layer thus creating the illusion that the scratch has disappeared. The scratches don’t magically disappear into thin air; they cease to exist as the layer on which they were present has been annihilated. 

This is one of the primary reasons why we advise vehicle owners to get a rubbing job done on their vehicles after long intervals of time.



Which is the best rubbing compound for cars?

There are various options of rubbing compounds available in the market/ industry today. WaveX Auto Care manufactures exceptional quality rubbing compounds such as the Wavex One Step Polishing CompoundWavex RC Series Rubbing Compounds and finally Wavex’s PC Series Rubbing Compounds so out of all of these rubbing compounds, which one is best suited for your clients/ car and what is the method to determine that?

Wavex Rubbing Compound

Surface Compatibility Test

WaveX Auto Care advises professionals to carry out a test that WaveX likes to call the ‘Surface Compatibility Test’.

A small section of a very easily accessible area from the car is selected such as the car’s bonnet. The section is further subdivided into further sub-sections with the assistance of masking tape. The selected area is then examined under detailing lights so as to inspect the level of paint correction that would be required. Results of the Wavex medium cut compound would be examined on one of the sections either from the RC Series or from the PC series whereas the Wavex One Step Polishing Compound would be examined on another section of the chosen area. A detailer must look at the level at which it has worked to remove swirls and scratches of the vehicle’s paint.

One must remember that during this test if a detailer finds one compound working better than the other, it doesn’t mean that there is a difference in the quality of the either of the compounds.

Even the effects or the end results of each compounds depends upon miscellaneous factors one of which is the thickness of the vehicle’s paint. There are various vehicle manufacturing companies whose paint layers are quite thick whereas, there are others with a comparatively thinner paint layer.

Once either of the compounds are used, it is finally topped off with WaveX’s Final Finish Compounds either from the RC Series or from the PC Series. Wavex’s range of hard cut compounds are only used for those vehicles where a lot of heavy paint correction is required. Instead of using ‘pre-historic detailing methods’ of ‘sanding’, we’d rather recommend that one uses the Wavex Hard Cut Rubbing Compound. If one does in fact use the WaveX Hard Cut Rubbing Compound, then they’d have to use both the Medium Cut Compound followed by the Wavex Final Finish Detailing Compound.

In several instances, there would be many vehicles that would have an almost showroom like condition with extremely fine corrections required. In such instances, one should only use Wavex’s Final Finish Detailing Compounds.

One is only acknowledged or recognized as an exceptional auto detailer if he gets the most amount of paint correction done whilst stripping off the least amount of paint and we’re sure that after reading this article, you too could be recognized as a ‘pro detailer’ thanks to your correct understanding of how to best use rubbing compounds.

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